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NYT Minimised 2022-09-12

◆◆ · By kieranjboyd · Published 3 months ago

Constructor's Note: Hard to fit the theme into a mini, so I decided to go with the rebus route. Today's NYT author: Michael Lieberman
Checking for previous play data...


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  • sghiaa 🤓3:47 · 3 months ago
    impressive! i found this hard even knowing the theme
    • SporcleMirror 5:50 · 3 months ago
      I released this puzzle today specifically stating that I wanted to make "a Monday-level crossword". And... the grid layout looks eerily similar to today's NYT. If you ignore the four cheater squares I used, aaaaall the black squares on the edges are also black in the NYT grid, AND the five in the middle line up too. I know there are a lot of common patterns for early-week crosswords but that feels crazy. Really the only differences have to do with themer length (I have 9-10-10-9 and the NYT has 12-11-11-12, and the 12s can't go on the third row from the top/bottom).
      1AName of a woman who's made some knock-out showings?
      1. 1A
        Name of a woman who's made some knock-out showings?
      2. 6A
        "Hey, I'm _ ____ and I don't even know it!"
      3. 7A
        Father of Zeus, king of the Titans
      4. 9A
        Irish form of the English Edmund
      5. 10A
        Surname of one of the options for 1A
        Name of a woman who's made some knock-out showings?[-----]
        , which when said aloud, describes the other two options
      1. 1D
        One moving things about?
      2. 2D
        Name of a woman with a famous book club
      3. 3D
        Name of a woman who played a woman with a dragon tattoo (in the original film, not the remake)
      4. 4D
        Baptist or Methodist, for Christianity (abbr.)
      5. 5D
        Apologise through action
      6. 8D
        Multiple instances of the chemical symbol for tin (abbr.) [weird there isn't a common acronym for this fill]