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P.I.2-Inspired Word Ladder

◆◆ · By AuLeaf · Published 2024-06-10T01:08:20.923Z

Constructor's Note
I had the idea to try my own Schrodinger word ladder ever since encountering the original puzzle in a post-solve P.I.2 (kindly run by a Discord friend of mine who happens to be a testsolver for Jack Lance puzzles), and I wanted to see if I could make one that worked half as well as that hunt puzzle! I finally put together this word ladder about a year ago, shortly after Jack Lance's passing, and seeing a few word ladders around recently got me thinking maybe I should submit it. I didn't remember the details very well, so this word ladder does share a couple entries with the original puzzle by Jack Lance, but luckily only one side of the rung is copied in each case, and hopefully the clues are sufficiently different. I hope you enjoyed the cluing in general (5A may be a little verbose, but I didn't feel like either cluing angle was very obvious, so I thought the mutual confirmation might be justified). Thanks for solving!
Inspired by the puzzle "Character Development" in PI Hunt 2 ( ) by the late great Jack Lance (RIP May 1, 2023). If you ever plan on attempting this puzzle hunt, or just this puzzle in particular, be aware that this is a SPOILER for the gimmick of this puzzle! (Admittedly, this puzzle hunt is a little hard to post-solve due to the interactive map feature, but if you are interested you can contact @auleaf95 [me] on Discord and we may be able to work something out!)
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  • AuLeaf constructor · 2024-06-10T01:26:02.606Z
    Bonus points if you paused the puzzle to solve both halves :)
    • The Noah 11:14 · 2024-06-10T18:03:35.500Z
      I made an effort to. Technically finished neither. The chess one made my heart happy!
      • AuLeaf constructor · 2024-06-14T17:29:02.009Z
        I'm glad you liked it! I think the chess dimension might be what Alice found through the looking-glass...
        • The Noah 11:14 · 2024-06-15T19:35:01.905Z
    • Ewoly 4:23 · 2024-06-10T10:02:03.239Z
      i had one of them but got stuck before the end, so checked and it showed everything as wrong... even though it was right. solved eventually, nice idea!
      • Mike D 1:35 · 2024-06-10T11:14:11.972Z
        Yeah this is kind of a bug with check/reveal and alternate solutions - the first solution is used as the correct one rather than the one that had the most in common with the solvers grid. I’ll work on it!
        • Ewoly 4:23 · 2024-06-10T17:03:22.073Z
          yeah i know, crosshare should really 'solve' this
      • Sendhil Revuluri 2:07 · 2024-06-10T15:03:37.188Z
        Wow! Fun solve, and a cautionary tale about working both down and up when it's a Schrödinger situation!
        • AuLeaf constructor · 2024-06-14T17:31:52.451Z
          Oh yeah, I can imagine that would be tricky if you lose the metaphorical coin-flip :) But I'm glad you got to solve things from both sides!
        • The Noah 11:14 · 2024-06-10T18:03:04.663Z
          Very elegant
          • dilly 🤓4:14 · 2024-06-11T09:37:42.779Z
            Very impressive, thanks!
            • Account 🤓3:42 · 2024-06-14T03:27:20.128Z
              Super impressive! RIP Jack Lance. Hone too soon.
              • AuLeaf constructor · 2024-06-14T18:09:05.133Z
                What a tremendous loss for the puzzling community... He had the knack for pulling the rug out from under you and making it look devilishly simple in minimalist puzzles. A brilliant mind, and a really nice guy as well... I'm not sure whether Jack considered me a friend or acquaintance, but I feel lucky to have known him. I only wish I'd talked to him more, even if it was just to share my inane puzzle ideas.
                • Account 🤓3:42 · 2024-06-14T21:32:42.368Z
                  I adored his Puzzlescript games the most. I daresay he pushed the engine even harder than Stephen Lavelle.
              Playing card next to ten in an unsealed pack
              1. 1A
                Playing card next to ten in an unsealed pack
              2. 5A
                Punishment for a treasonous prisoner, say (which, in another sense, may be paired with "wine"?)
              3. 6A
                Chess dimension
              4. 7A
                Ice complements it
              5. 8A
              6. 9A
              7. 10A
                Female ungulate
              8. 11A
                Give a hoot
              9. 12A
                Sweet treat, often eaten after dinner
              1. 1D
                [no clue]
              2. 2D
                [no clue]
              3. 3D
                [no clue]
              4. 4D
                [no clue]