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Left and Right

· By Mikey G · Published 4 months ago

Meta Prompt: [Level 3] The answer to the meta is what you might say to certain letters in the grid. Thursday nudge: Try figuring out a link between the letters that are predominant on the left, versus those that seem to be predominant on the right.
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  • DJB solved at 20:38 on 8/20/2022
  • FrankieHeck solved at 21:04 on 8/20/2022
  • BrennerTJ solved at 21:45 on 8/20/2022
  • oldjudge solved at 0:27 on 8/21/2022
  • Meg solved at 2:39 on 8/21/2022
  • benchen71 solved at 11:40 on 8/21/2022
  • LesY solved at 14:47 on 8/21/2022
  • boharr solved at 15:03 on 8/21/2022
  • Hector solved at 1:26 on 8/22/2022
  • edestlin solved at 21:22 on 8/23/2022
  • Laura M solved at 20:49 on 8/24/2022
  • KayW solved at 23:13 on 8/24/2022
  • dplass solved at 17:27 on 8/25/2022
  • Cindy Heisler solved at 17:52 on 8/25/2022
  • kurtalert solved at 21:00 on 8/25/2022
  • Abide solved at 23:36 on 8/25/2022
  • rjy solved at 4:38 on 8/26/2022
  • whimsy solved at 18:54 on 8/26/2022
  • Pair O Ducks solved at 0:19 on 8/27/2022
  • Wendy S HeadinHome solved at 2:34 on 8/27/2022


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  • DJB 2s · 4 months ago
    Nice one!
    • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
      Thanks! You did this sans-nudges, so I have to ask what you saw first and what gave it to you...congrats on topping the board!
      • DJB 2s · 3 months ago
        Hi Mikey - just saw this comment! I saw lots of Es on the left, lots of Os on the right, then looked down at the keyboard and saw their positions on the keyboard. Then I tested a few other letters nearby and the pattern emerged. I think online solvers definitely had an advantage for this one as the keyboard would have been under their noses! Pen and paper solvers would have had a harder time (I think?)
    • FrankieHeck 🤓5:51 · 4 months ago
      Fun aha moment!
      • Mikey G constructor · 4 months ago
        That was definitely the goal for this one!
      • oldjudge 13s · 4 months ago
        Tough one--thanks Mikey
        • Laura M 🤓3:37 · 3 months ago
          Very clever, and a basic concept that I haven't seen before in a meta (which is increasingly rare)! Sadly I needed to be HAND-held all the way to the finish line, but oh well. Great puzzle, thanks!
          • KayW 🤓5:41 · 3 months ago
            wowza. I don't remember seeing a metanism like this before. Very cool!
            • dplass 7:21 · 3 months ago
              DVORAK and COLEMAK users need not apply lol. Thanks for the extra extra nudges. I would have never gotten it otherwise...
              • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                Yeah, I've heard of DVORAK and just looked up COLEMAK; that's pretty cool - I wonder how the original QWERTY layout was derived. Yeah, this one reminded me of some of the Gaffneys in retrospect where you kind of have to see it and, so, without extra assistance, it probably is a Week 4 - or even Week 5. Thanks for solving!
              • Cindy Heisler 2s · 3 months ago
                I needed a nudge, but got there in the end. This was a tough one for me. I just couldn't see it. Very clever mechanism, though. Thanks, Mikey.
                • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                  It's one of those "leaves in a forest" kind of thing. I'm still trying my best to put myself in solvers' shoes and ask what they would see. It is a unique mechanism, I'll concur! One I wish I could've gotten into a 15-by-15, and I think I tried it for about 10 minutes and was like, "Nope," haha.
                • kurtalert 🤓7:07 · 3 months ago
                  Slick! Impressive puzzle. I'm sure constructing this was a bear.
                  • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                    Yeah, it definitely required a lot of trial-and-error! At least one time an alternate letter slipped in that wasn't supposed to. I always try to get some more creative fill in there, and who knew you could type CAREBEARS
                    4D CAREBEARSFunshine and Tenderheart, for two
                    with your left hand only?? Thanks for the kind comments!
                  • Abide 4s · 3 months ago
                    Only needed one nudge (#3 😜)
                    • Wendy S HeadinHome 🤓3:20 · 3 months ago
                      Can’t even imagine constructing a grid like that! Well done, and fun to solve. I used all the hilighter colors…
                      • Hector 5:50 · 3 months ago
                        Oh, it had to do with the keyboard! I had no idea, but just saw that some letters were mostly but not entirely on one side or the other. TAB
                        25A TABWhen I order retro diet sodas at the bar, I have to pick up the ___
                        might have been sort of a tip-off; I wonder if it could be combined with ESC top left. Observations: we type "B" with different hands; and "impostor" looks misspelled to me no matter how it's spelled.
                        1. 1A
                        2. 4A
                          Network that aired "Nashville Squares" in 2019: Abbr.
                        3. 7A
                          CDX x V
                        4. 10A
                          Game similar to Skip-Bo (I promise there are no hidden state capitals this time)
                        5. 13A
                          These, in Tours
                        6. 14A
                          Coach Parseghian who did some coach-like things
                        7. 15A
                          ___-Hoo (chocolate drink that I consume in my 30s)
                        8. 16A
                          Kin to kabuki
                        9. 17A
                        10. 18A
                          When I turned Mickey Mouse in, he called me a ___ (now he's serving time in a cel)
                        11. 19A
                          6 letters
                        12. 20A
                          If you lose any electrons, I'm going to keep an ___ you
                        13. 21A
                          Artist that gets high
                        14. 23A
                          She said, "You may think I'm small, but I have a universe inside my mind"
                        15. 25A
                          When I order retro diet sodas at the bar, I have to pick up the ___
                        16. 26A
                          End of a ball?
                        17. 27A
                          These are sound investments LOL
                        18. 31A
                          Colorful dessert
                        19. 35A
                          Bit of ink
                        20. 36A
                          It follows you but never me
                        21. 37A
                          Last: Abbr.
                        22. 38A
                          Sugar substitute?
                        23. 39A
                        24. 40A
                          AARP component
                        25. 41A
                          John, to Paul
                        26. 42A
                          Physics particle suffix (wow, that helps!)
                        27. 43A
                          What you might need to finish
                        28. 44A
                          "Help! I don't know the meta!"
                        29. 45A
                          It merged with the WB to form the CW
                        30. 46A
                          To hear, in Havana
                        1. 1D
                          Cool-sounding rapper
                        2. 2D
                        3. 3D
                          If it's a lot, you might let your heir down
                        4. 4D
                          Funshine and Tenderheart, for two
                        5. 5D
                          Jason who sang, "Yeah, the Mister A to Z / You know I'm all about the wordplay" (my kind of guy!)
                        6. 6D
                          Thames gallery
                        7. 7D
                          "Well, well, what do we have here??? Oh, it's just a crossword"
                        8. 8D
                          Like some old records (not the kind meant to be broken!)
                        9. 9D
                        10. 10D
                          Small city in the Buckeye State that sounds like its residents get along
                        11. 11D
                          Time for lunch! (Any time's a good time for lunch)
                        12. 12D
                          "Great, what now..."
                        13. 22D
                          Eagle plus two
                        14. 24D
                          "Papa-___-Mow-Mow" (1962 song that represents the pinnacle of musical excellence)
                        15. 27D
                          They didn't have the bouillabaisse I wanted, so I'm going to sit here and ___
                        16. 28D
                          Gold medalist Lipinski
                        17. 29D
                          It first debuted during the Taft administration
                        18. 30D
                          Some in math are empty
                        19. 31D
                          Takei's "Star Trek" role
                        20. 32D
                          Sound of me sitting in a chair ready to tackle some metas
                        21. 33D
                          Actress Anika ___ Rose (voice of Tiana in "The Princess and the Frog")
                        22. 34D
                          "___ out?" (Question I never have to ask Ginger Cat because she always prefers the first option)