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Cryptic 5x5 #10 by tuber

· By tuber · Published 2023-03-16T22:53:48.432Z

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  • tuber constructor · 2023-03-16T23:13:08.033Z
    Solvers! (I see you!) Hopefully you enjoyed my puzzle enough to leave a little note, it's always appreciated. If you had issues or felt there was room for improvement, please don't be afraid so say so. Thanks!
    • tuber constructor · 2023-03-16T23:04:44.025Z
      A quick rinse-down for you who got stuck:
      2A2ALap-dancing ultimately has its high points! (4)[----]. anag. LAP7ABacked friend in circuit (3)[---] + ultimately "has" = S. 4A4AIn Spain, the blade is small and delicate (5)[-----]. In Spain, "the" = EL + blade = FIN. 7A7ABacked friend in circuit (3)[---]. Reversal of friend = PAL. 8A8AArtist's way of working by the Seine (5)[-----]. Way of working (modus operandi) = MO + Seine = NET. 9A9ALead to silver... sticky stuff to lead? (4)[----]. Lead to silver = S + sticky stuff = TAR.
      1D1DRay's smile? (4)[----]. double def. 2D2DBudget that sounds like a good deal? (5)[-----]. homophone of "a good deal" = "A LOT". 3D3DCircular figure for every blowhard! (5)[-----]. Circular figure = PI + for every = PER. 5D5DCool, strong, and lacking depth (3)[---]. strong = F + removal of depth (= d) from "and". 6D6DBrief message that may be sung? (4)[----]. double def.
      • tuber constructor · 2023-03-16T22:56:53.097Z
        Hi Solvers! I see you! Hope you enjoyed this puzzle. Do leave a note to say so if you did, or if you had any issues feel free to let me know. Thanks!
        • tuber constructor · 2023-03-17T16:31:28.747Z
          Oh, fine -- so, sometimes comments seem to disappear, so I post them again, but then the old one reappears, so now I've posted the same thing twice and can't delete the duplicate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
          • Mike D 2s · 2023-03-17T17:21:37.775Z
            Hmm I'm not sure why you saw comments disappear! But deleting comments is on the to-do list
        • kieranjboyd 🤓3:41 · 2023-03-17T12:58:08.245Z
          I've been seen! Couldn't figure out why "Seine" is NET, but otherwise a fun little grid
          • tuber constructor · 2023-03-17T16:14:23.440Z
            This was new vocab to me as well, but a seine does turn out to be a sort of large fishing net.
          Ray's smile? (4)
          1. 2A
            Lap-dancing ultimately has its high points! (4)
          2. 4A
            In Spain, the blade is small and delicate (5)
          3. 7A
            Backed friend in circuit (3)
          4. 8A
            Artist's way of working by the Seine (5)
          5. 9A
            Lead to silver... sticky stuff to lead? (4)
          1. 1D
            Ray's smile? (4)
          2. 2D
            Budget that sounds like a good deal? (5)
          3. 3D
            Circular figure for every blowhard! (5)
          4. 5D
            Cool, strong, and lacking depth (3)
          5. 6D
            Brief message that may be sung? (4)