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Anyone Up for a Game of Pool?

· By Randy Hunt · Published 9 days ago

Checking for previous play data...


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  • kieranjboyd 🤓45s · 9 days ago
    Lovely grid art!
    • Randy Hunt constructor · 9 days ago
    • Phil The 🤓1:49 · 9 days ago
      • Randy Hunt constructor · 9 days ago
        Thanks, Phil
      • Keith VanEtten 4:08 · 9 days ago
        Fun! Thank You.
      • Lobsterboys 🤓1:03 · 7 days ago
        Nice puzzle, Randy! Little known fact about 11A
        11A THEEAGLESBand that lived life in the fast lane
        that I thought I’d share: The idea of naming the band "Eagles" came during a peyote and tequila-influenced group outing in the Mojave Desert. Accounts of the origin of the name however vary; Don Felder (who had yet to join the Eagles and was not at the desert) credited Leadon with originating the name when he recalled reading about the Hopis' reverence for the eagle,[18] while J.D. Souther suggested that the idea came when Frey shouted out, "Eagles!" when they saw eagles flying above.[19] Steve Martin, a friend of the band from their early days at The Troubadour, recounts in his autobiography that he suggested that they should be referred to as "the Eagles", but Frey insists that the group's name is simply "Eagles".[20] Geffen and partner Elliot Roberts initially managed the band; they were later replaced by Irving Azoff while the Eagles were recording their third album.[21]
        • Randy Hunt constructor · 7 days ago
          Cool historical notes. Thank you.
          • Jon 1:34 · 6 days ago
            Thanks for the true name of the band. So many throw in "the."
          • Jon 1:34 · 6 days ago
            Very nice!
          • Wally 🤓1:09 · about 19 hours ago
            Beautiful puzzle!
            • Randy Hunt constructor · about 17 hours ago
              Thank you, Wally
            • SunnyDays 🤓1:15 · about 11 hours ago
              Great puzzle - lots of fun!
              • Randy Hunt constructor · about 7 hours ago
                Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.
              1ADawn goddess
              1. 1A
                Dawn goddess
              2. 4A
                Wade’s opposition
              3. 7A
                _________ table and layout of this puzzle
              4. 10A
                American poet known for wry, humorous verse who was born, aptly, in Rye, NY
              5. 11A
                Band that lived life in the fast lane
              6. 12A
                Explosive initials
              7. 13A
                Immigrant's subj.
              1. 1D
                _____ ball, common 7A
                _________ table and layout of this puzzle[---------]
              2. 2D
                Of yore
              3. 3D
                Frozen rain
              4. 4D
                Mountain chain
              5. 5D
                Verbal exams
              6. 6D
                Henry Ford's son
              7. 7D
                Web-crawling software
              8. 8D
                One __ _ million
              9. 9D
                Secondary educational institution featured in “The Breakfast Club” (inits)