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Mini Cryptic 6

· By dilly · Published 2024-07-07T01:58:57.526Z

Constructor's Note
Been a second since I set a mini cryptic. Feedback welcome. Please enjoy!
Checking for previous play data...


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  • dilly constructor · 2024-07-07T01:59:21.401Z
    1A: (BEARING)*+C[atcher]-N[ew]
    5A: GER[man] about ROAN
    1D: double definition “rig ID”
    2D: BR + OW + [groomsma]N
    3D: (SANG)* about E[arl]
    4D: double definition “Earl-y”
    • Aaron Riccio 6:14 · 2024-07-08T02:24:39.830Z
      1A: Terrific surface and use of both [takes new position] and [bearing broken].
      5A: Wunderbar!
      6A: I really like the splits in [Line of pigs home], and [mic drop] is super fun, but I don't love [in on] as a way to signal that STY goes at the end of the clue (or I might be missing something).
      1D: Solid! I had RED+ID at first, and I was like, that doesn't make any sense for [truck].
      2D: I think something might be off in [Terse responses due to cold]—that sounds like a plural BRRS. You've got it as just BR. [Toast] at the end is fun.
      3D: Another really nice split of [Earl Grey]. Good clue.
      4D: Took me forever to see the pun. Cute!
      • dilly constructor · 2024-07-11T01:04:09.710Z
        Not missing anything on 6A, I meant to rework it to be cleaner, but ended up just leaving it stretchy as is, so point taken. For 2D, I had [terse responses due to cold and discomfort] as a clue for BR+OW, which is why I had plural. Though I guess the [terse] part is inconsistent: prescriptive for “BR” (since usual spelling is BRR) and just descriptive for OW (since it’s already 2 letters), so point also taken. Thanks for the feedback again!
      Catcher takes new position bearing broken chest protector? (3,4)
      1. 1A
        Catcher takes new position bearing broken chest protector? (3,4)
      2. 5A
        Bad joke in German about a horse (7)
      3. 6A
        Line of pigs home in on volume control after mic drop (7)
      1. 1D
        Fixed license plate for truck (5)
      2. 2D
        Terse responses due to cold and discomfort at end of groomsman's toast (5)
      3. 3D
        Sang about drinking a bit of Earl Grey in classic novel (5)
      4. 4D
        Relating to nobles of yore? (5)