Schrödinger's Folly

· By nate · Published 2024-03-30T13:00:06.296Z

Constructor's Note
Every clue has two possible answers, giving this puzzle two completely different solved states (save for a few letters). If you want to solve both versions in one, you can enter a rebus in every cell. Fair warning, some meanings had to be pretty stretchy to make this work. glhf :)
This is definitely the longest I've spent on a mini. I tried not to make the clues too nonsensical and to keep some variety of clue types despite the constraints, hopefully I did ok.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • nate constructor · 2024-03-30T13:00:06.296Z
    1A: REGAL=Noble; RE + GAUL less U / BELON=underwater starter out of Gaul (type of French oyster); NOBLE*
    4A: NADIR=terminus; DRAIN* / ABATE=Drain; [reh]AB A TE[rminus]
    5A: SALAD=regularly tossed; S[urfeits] + À LA + D / SATES=Surfeits; (StArT aS kEy)*
    1D: RUNTS=babies; TURNS* / BEAUS=babies; ABUSE*
    2D: GODEL=Logician; acrostic / LEAST=extremely little; L[ogician] + EAST
    3D: LURED=Drawn out from cover; [c]URDLE*[d] / NEEDS=essentials; [r]ESEND*[s]
    lmk if anything needs further explanation
    • JWords 🤓18:18 · 2024-03-30T17:32:13.233Z
      Congratulations, excellent puzzle! I’m so glad someone else has had a crack at this format.
      Some really clever stuff in there, I particularly liked the abuse/turns double anagram, but every clue had something special and interesting. I wanted to make sure I’d solved both versions before completing the grid (and I did, it’s definitely all solvable!) — maybe you could add rebuses with both answers as alternate solutions so solvers have the option to solve both?
      Anyway, well done, you’ve done a marvellous job. Makes me want to have another go at Schrodingering. Maybe one day someone will do a full 15x15
      • nate constructor · 2024-03-30T19:52:07.891Z
        Thanks, I've been thinking about making my own since I saw your Schrodinger puzzle and I finally decided to give it a go, glad you like it! Rebuses are a good idea, I'll go ahead and add that. A 15x15 is certainly intimidating, but possible...
      • Aaron Riccio 🤓8:45 · 2024-03-30T22:28:51.073Z
        Surprisingly smooth, and congrats to you for sticking with it until making it all work.
        • nate constructor · 2024-03-31T02:23:04.380Z
          Cheers Aaron :)
        • Account 12:25 · 2024-03-31T07:35:00.567Z
          I don't see what I got wrong, but it didn't accept my solution... Great puzzle nonetheless!
          • K 2:26 · 2024-04-13T11:52:35.921Z
            Wow! This is so clever
            • nate constructor · 2024-04-13T20:53:28.617Z
            Noble about underwater starter out of Gaul
            1. 1A
              Noble about underwater starter out of Gaul
            2. 4A
              Drain in rehab; a terminus
            3. 5A
              Surfeits start as key that’s regularly tossed
            1. 1D
              Abuse turns to babies, sometimes
            2. 2D
              Logician initially goes over direction extremely little
            3. 3D
              Drawn out from cover, resends curdled essentials