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Cryptic 5x5 #12 by tuber

· By tuber · Published 2023-03-23T14:16:35.154Z

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  • tuber constructor · 2023-03-23T14:31:34.697Z
    Solvers! Your feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know how you got on 😊
    • tuber constructor · 2023-03-23T14:26:19.729Z
      Hopefully nothing too taxing here.
      ACROSS. 1A1ASearch abandoned without right to pursuit (5)[-----]. anag. SEARCH without right = R. 5A5AProvide weapons to member (3)[---]. double def. 6A6AThe Singing Policeman? (5)[-----]. cryptic def. 8A8ACome together at backing stage (3)[---]. reversal of stage = LEG. 9A9AWear down staff held hostage by two Europeans? (5) [-----]. staff = ROD contained by 2x Europeans = E. DOWN. 1D1DCompany executive - first class! (5)[-----]. [theatrical] company = CAST + "executive" first = E. 2D2DIs yours truly green, bud? (5)[-----]. is yours truly = AM I + green = GO. 3D3DPolar opposites taking a turn with power source (3)[---]. insertion of turn = U into polar opposites [south and north] = SN. 4D4DBirdie? Yes, and no... (5)[-----]. variant double def. 7D7DEndlessly sharp and salty type (3)[---]. remove last letter from sharp = TART.
      • Tuffy 🤓4:55 · 2023-03-23T19:39:07.097Z
        2D2DIs yours truly green, bud? (5)[-----] is a great clue, loved this mini!
        • tuber constructor · 2023-03-23T21:58:03.590Z
        • squicc 🤓5:58 · 2023-03-23T19:53:35.430Z
          Loved this one... more cryptic minis pls :)
        • Julie bookworm 🤓5:36 · 2023-03-24T17:43:40.160Z
          Lots of fun! I agree that 2D2DIs yours truly green, bud? (5)[-----] is especially clever and I got a chuckle out of 6A6AThe Singing Policeman? (5)[-----], though it took me a while. 6D is the only one I still don't get (though I figured out what it had to be) because I don't know how it means "yes, or no...". Also, I haven't seen "abandoned" used to hint an anagram before, but seems like nearly anything can mean anagram!
          • tuber constructor · 2023-03-25T14:35:18.427Z
            Glad you enjoyed it! Now that you mention it, on reflection I don't find "abandoned" very convincing as an anagram indicator. (It shows up in a few online lists but I think the nounal sense of "abandon," as in recklessness, is lost with a -ed verb ending.)
            The "yes and no" in 4D4DBirdie? Yes, and no... (5)[-----] is intended to indicate that the definition is applicable in one sense, but not in another: I'm thinking of golf scoring, where a birdie is one below par, and an eagle is two under.
            Thanks for your feedback, it's really helpful and really appreciated.
          Search abandoned without right to pursuit (5)
          1. 1A
            Search abandoned without right to pursuit (5)
          2. 5A
            Provide weapons to member (3)
          3. 6A
            The Singing Policeman? (5)
          4. 8A
            Come together at backing stage (3)
          5. 9A
            Wear down staff held hostage by two Europeans? (5)
          1. 1D
            Company executive - first class! (5)
          2. 2D
            Is yours truly green, bud? (5)
          3. 3D
            Polar opposites taking a turn with power source (3)
          4. 4D
            Birdie? Yes, and no... (5)
          5. 7D
            Endlessly sharp and salty type (3)