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Anagrammy 4 :]

· By Sara Cantor · Published over 1 year ago

The answer to every clue is a word that is an anagram of another word, and that’s the word you use to fill in the grid!
Ex: Clue is “Aries symbol”, the answer to which is RAM, an anagram of which is ARM, so the entry might be ARM. Some words have more than one anagram, such as MAR for the above example, so you might have some initially incorrect entries that have to later be corrected based on the rest of the grid.
For this puzzle, every entry is an English word, no phrases, initialisms, or proper nouns.
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  • Mike D 🤓1:44 · over 1 year ago
    Even more fun (and even trickier!) when these are larger like this! MAPLE
    5D MAPLEMore than enough
    was the toughest for me - I ended up filling the grid before I was able to think of 'ample' 😂
    • Sara Cantor constructor · over 1 year ago
      Yes! Hoping to make them bigger and bigger
    • Kent D 🤓5:37 · over 1 year ago
      Beggar nuts! (Anagram for gangbuster 😁) Loved it, thanks for another great anagrammy!
      • Sara Cantor constructor · over 1 year ago
        Thank you!!!
      • JeffPrug 6:56 · over 1 year ago
        Love these! I got stuck on TRADE - I had the TREA but thought I was making a mistake because it was supposed to be CRAFT but I should have realized that CRAFT doesn't have any anagrams.
        • Sara Cantor constructor · over 1 year ago
          Thank you! And ya always gotta think about what's a possible anagram
        • Neville 🤓1:22 · over 1 year ago
          This was my first Anagrammy ... I loved it! Great fun!
          • Sara Cantor constructor · over 1 year ago
            Thank you! Glad you had fun
          • Jeremy Weissmann 🤓1:33 · over 1 year ago
            Ah the TREAD
            6A TREADCarpentry, for example
            /TRADE, DARE/READ crossing nearly undid me!
            • LuckyDog 🤓2:57 · over 1 year ago
              Fun puzzle - thanks for sharing. These are my favorite puzzles on the site. Appreciate ya.
              • Justin 3:04 · over 1 year ago
                Love these. They are a great challenge.
                • Anonymous Crossharer 🤓4:42 · over 1 year ago
                  First stab at one of these, it was fun. Thanks!
                  • Log3overLog2 8:29 · over 1 year ago
                    Excellent. Got fooled by placing PAM at 1A
                    1A AMPDora's travelling companion that tells her where to go
                    and PDA at 1D
                    1D APTButter bit
                    before sorting it out. Maybe I should have read the "no initialisms or proper nouns" part of your instructions, not just the anagram section.
                    1ADora's travelling companion that tells her where to go
                    1. 1A
                      Dora's travelling companion that tells her where to go
                    2. 4A
                      It may appear to contain lava
                    3. 6A
                      Carpentry, for example
                    4. 8A
                      Command+V on a Mac
                    5. 10A
                    6. 11A
                      Possible meaning of 'r'
                    1. 1D
                      Butter bit
                    2. 2D
                    3. 3D
                      Brain fart
                    4. 5D
                      More than enough
                    5. 7D
                      Discover the consequences of giving a mouse a cookie, say
                    6. 9D
                      What got Cleopatra in the end, according to myth