7x7 #6

· By synced murals · Published 2023-10-28T18:24:44.426Z

Thank you for spending your time on my puzzle!
As always, feedback is welcome. I am new setter and enjoy hearing from solvers. Currently, I am working on writing cryptic crosswords that are relatively easy to solve, so any comments/ feedback related to that are especially welcome.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • merlinnimue 3:11 · 2023-10-28T19:08:03.184Z
    relatively easy, huh? well, i havent solved one successfully yet, too far above my microscopic brain... maybe one day ill get there, but probably not... anyway thanks for the puzzle and sorry for the inconvenience
    • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-29T16:04:35.575Z
      Thanks for the comment! It is a skill- I only learned when I had a friend who sat with me to explain the clues, and I’m still working on finishing ones published in UK newspapers! It’s so good that there are places online (like this site) where we can practice and learn!
      I’m happy to explain any clues that you didn’t understand.
    • Pedagogue 9:58 · 2023-10-28T19:48:01.329Z
      A very entertaining cryptic! Pleasing surface reading and clever wordplay. I enjoyed almost solving it!
      • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-29T16:05:47.393Z
        Thanks! Good to hear from you again :)
      • susan802 3:55 · 2023-10-29T15:29:46.351Z
        I count a cryptic as relatively easy if I can get at least 3 clues on my own....learning these is a process. Not sure I quite get the wordplay on 9D9DBird sound’s mostly hit upwards (3)[---]--but then, it's a process. And I enjoyed getting as far as I got on my own.
        • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-29T16:11:28.979Z
          It is a process- and one that I’m definitely still on!
          I’m glad you enjoyed the puzzle.
          The idea for 9D9DBird sound’s mostly hit upwards (3)[---] is that it’s almost ‘waco’, (WAC) going ‘up’ (backwards) to make CAW9DBird sound’s mostly hit upwards (3)[---]- a bird sound. Looking at it now, I should have put an apostrophe in “sounds”, so that it means “Bird’s sound is” and not the plural. I’ll make the edit.
        • Iris 4:07 · 2023-10-30T04:44:49.457Z
          Very nice, keep at it - look forward to seeing more
          • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-31T21:52:04.982Z
            Thank you!
          • Aaron Riccio 🤓2:40 · 2023-10-31T18:47:31.020Z
            I really liked 1A1AStrange one, for example (3)[---] and 5A5AFashionable sense is something kept with friends (2,5)[-------], and definitely found wacky (in a good way) clues like 10A10AKnife zombie holds hat (3)[---] and 7D7DRepair command heard by dog? (4)[----] to be relatively easy. I don't get 9D9DBird sound’s mostly hit upwards (3)[---], even with your explanation, because I don't know "WACO" as a word for hit, but I'm probably just missing something. Grammatically speaking, I wonder about 7D7DRepair command heard by dog? (4)[----], since the homophone indicator ("heard") is already used in the clue for HEEL ("command heard by dog"). I also don't know about 6D6DInternational payment is not warranted (5)[-----]'s use of "International" for UN—one's a noun and one's an adjective. That said, I'm still learning myself, so I may definitely be parsing some stuff incorrectly, and this was all still gettable and fun. I'm looking forward to solving more of yours!
            • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-31T21:53:34.912Z
              Hi! Thanks for the comment :)
              Just realised there is a typo in my parsing- it’s meant to be ‘wack’! Apologies for the confusion there.
              I think I’ve seen UN being used for international before, but I’ll double check.
              Thanks for taking the time to solve it, and for the feedback!
            Strange one, for example (3)
            1. 1A
              Strange one, for example (3)
            2. 5A
              Fashionable sense is something kept with friends (2,5)
            3. 8A
              Confused Dane holds Greek character’s Australian creature (7)
            4. 10A
              Knife zombie holds hat (3)
            1. 2D
              Detective initially told character’s hidden in depression (5)
            2. 3D
              Part of circle’s transformational journey (3)
            3. 4D
              Wear down queue (4)
            4. 6D
              International payment is not warranted (5)
            5. 7D
              Repair command heard by dog? (4)
            6. 9D
              Bird sound’s mostly hit upwards (3)