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Mini Mini Cryptic #1

· By Jamixiy · Published 2024-05-15T12:23:06.687Z

Constructor's Note
Very proud of this! Let me know what you think as I'm still new to cryptics! :D
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Naja 7:55 · 2024-05-15T14:14:07.612Z
    • adamthedog 🤓1:03 · 2024-05-15T14:45:18.313Z
      Also, 4A was a really nice clue.
      • adamthedog 🤓1:03 · 2024-05-15T14:44:19.286Z
        Fun! These tiny cryptics are actually really good practice; I'm finally starting to get more clues in bigger cryptics. Side note: funny that both of our puzzles reference Japan — I'm currently staying in Hiroshima!!
        • An Ephemeral Collation 🤓16s · 2024-05-15T16:19:51.388Z
          Very good!
          • Account 🤓37s · 2024-05-15T16:45:22.159Z
            Not bad, although I do have to point out that it's usually frowned upon to not have the anagram fodder in the clue verbatim. It's not a big deal with something this checked and this small, but keep that in mind.
            Anyway, very nice nonetheless. I can see your clueing improve!
            • Sendhil Revuluri 🤓37s · 2024-05-15T16:59:51.302Z
              Thank you!
              • nate 🤓50s · 2024-05-15T19:42:53.315Z
                Cool! It’s not so bad with short answers like these, but just a note that “indirect anagrams” like 3D can end up feeling too unfair and so aren’t often used. Great to see your clueing getting better!
                • The Noah 🤓1:38 · 2024-05-15T21:53:16.766Z
                  Incredible! Micro Cryptics are really fun for me
                  • Jewel 3:23 · 2024-05-16T00:09:36.526Z
                    • Jamixiy constructor · 2024-05-16T10:42:39.754Z
                      Thanks for the tip! Fixed Limb -> Arm
                      • maturin 👇23s · 2024-05-16T15:49:42.138Z
                        haha, amazing!
                        • frostyjhammer 🤓28s · 2024-05-16T18:56:34.610Z
                          Good work -- keep it up!
                          Belonging found in encouragement (3)
                          1. 1A
                            Belonging found in encouragement (3)
                          2. 4A
                            Code crackers through calculator answer in disorder (3)
                          3. 5A
                            Mia scrambled a declaration of identity (1,2)
                          1. 1D
                            Japanese ogre is contacting one (3)
                          2. 2D
                            As you informally flipped a country (3)
                          3. 3D
                            Hit hard scrambled arm (3)