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Anagrammy 1 :]

· By Sara Cantor · Published 11 months ago

The answer to every clue is a word that is an anagram of another word, and that’s the word you use to fill in the grid!
Ex: Clue is “Aries symbol”, the answer to which is RAM, an anagram of which is ARM, so the entry might be ARM. Some words have more than one anagram, such as MAR for the above example, so you might have some initially incorrect entries that have to later be corrected based on the rest of the grid.
For this puzzle, every entry is an English word, no phrases, initialisms, or proper nouns.
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  • Mike D 🤓2:03 · 11 months ago
    This was really tricky and I absolutely loved it! Nice job!
    • Sara Cantor constructor · 11 months ago
      Thank you!!
    • tara 🤓46s · 11 months ago
      i am a freaking genius's
      • Mike D 🤓2:03 · 11 months ago
        • Sara Cantor constructor · 11 months ago
          brain too big head keep fallin down
        • Kent D 🤓1:10 · 11 months ago
          Now, THIS is a fun puzzle! (I was going to use an obvious anagram of THIS but thought better of it.)
          • Sara Cantor constructor · 11 months ago
            Thanks, and nothing wrong with some HITS!
          • Resident Mutt 🤓39s · 11 months ago
            This was a fun 'un! Took a second to grok it ("Okay, so LIST... so obviously 1A
            1A STARCritters you might see on the subway track
            is.... oh wait anagram it first, melon"), but it went quick for me! Maybe I just lucked out and then some ^^;
            • alina 🤓20s · 11 months ago
              Ah that was fun!! I got lucky w/ all my first guesses :O
              • Jesse Bergen 🤓32s · 10 months ago
                Another great puzzle. Where'd you get the idea for the anagram element?
              • LuckyDog 🤓47s · 10 months ago
                like how these make you think
                • Chris 6:50 · 6 months ago
                  Nice! I had STAN for ANTS for the longest time before I realized it was off.
                  • Joah 👇39s · 2 months ago
                    I'm back where it all started. Nice puzzle!
                    1ACritters you might see on the subway track
                    1. 1A
                      Critters you might see on the subway track
                    2. 5A
                      Denver, the ___ High City
                    3. 6A
                      One who provides support
                    4. 7A
                      Result of a fender bender
                    1. 1D
                      What Santa makes and checks twice
                    2. 2D
                      Polish, as a draft
                    3. 3D
                      Statistical average
                    4. 4D
                      Letter opener?