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The Gem State

· By Velocipedist · Published 2023-03-06T23:19:49.560Z · Crosshare's Daily Mini for 3/30/2023

Constructor's Note
I've been seeing my home state pop up in a lot of puzzles lately, so decided to jump on the bandwagon....
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Brian Callahan 🤓18s · 2023-03-07T06:28:58.547Z
    Nice puzzle! I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, but IDAHO is the 4th most common state name to appear in the New York Times crossword with 222 appearances. It follows UTAH (556), OHIO (446), and IOWA (267). MAINE is only 2 behind IDAHO with 220 appearances, so IDAHO's gotta step up its game! Fun Crossword Fact of the Day (FCFOTD): NORTH DAKOTA and SOUTH CAROLINA have still yet to appear in the NYT. Credit for the stats.
    • Velocipedist constructor · 2023-03-07T07:04:18.484Z
      Interesting! :) I currently live in Utah, and yeah, I see that often. I also frequently a neighboring town of Orem--nice mix of vowels and friendly consonants--along with the ski resort Alta, that is not far away. BTW where do you find the stats?
      • Brian Callahan 🤓18s · 2023-03-08T05:28:24.375Z
        If you have a subscription, you can search this data using XWord Info's finder at If you're really into construction, you can get a regular membership for $20 per year - pretty cool resource!
    • Jon 🤓1:34 · 2023-03-30T03:53:26.563Z
      Pasta for basta f""ked me up. Nice
      • Velocipedist constructor · 2023-03-31T00:13:54.820Z
        Sorry. Yeah, that was a bit tricky
      • Strawberry Mango 🤓2:19 · 2023-03-30T12:52:45.669Z
        Nice! I liked the 7A clue
        • Velocipedist constructor · 2023-03-31T00:14:03.742Z
        • Jillian 🤓1:31 · 2023-03-30T16:42:37.699Z
          • Velocipedist constructor · 2023-03-31T00:14:13.306Z
          • Sendhil Revuluri 🤓16s · 2024-04-11T13:20:03.971Z
            Solved downs-only but leaned heavily on the title (and note) to infer 3D (and 1A, whose etymology I’d never put together). Also was inferring for 5D — can anyone explain/unpack the clue? Thank you!
            Capital of 3D, from the French word for "wooded"
            1. 1A
              Capital of 3D, from the French word for "wooded"
            2. 6A
              Congressional assistants
            3. 7A
              BBQ sides
            4. 8A
              Giggling sound
            5. 9A
              Add sequins, say
            1. 1D
              "Enough ravioli!"
            2. 2D
              No longer squeaky...
            3. 3D
              Birth-state of Leighton Vander Esch, Aaron Paul, and Ezra Pound
            4. 4D
              Stereotypical metropolitan rat dwelling
            5. 5D
              German industrial city that sounds a bit delicate...?