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Mini Cryptic Crossword #9

· By Jamixiy · Published 2024-06-10T21:30:56.167Z

Constructor's Note
Pretty proud of this one, although there's 1 I'd consider a bit rough. I hope you enjoy this :D
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  • Jamixiy constructor · 2024-06-10T21:35:45.642Z
    4A HI-C + CUP 5A SH + ARK 6A HEAR in SS
    1D G + HOSTS 2D Anagram AVOCET 3D BUNK + ER
    • Aaron Riccio 🤓1:21 · 2024-06-11T00:42:28.226Z
      I think this one's pretty solid! Really liked 5A and 1D. 3D threw me because of the British slang, but hey—an opportunity for me to learn something new. I'm assuming either 6A or 2D is the rough one because the surfaces aren't as clean, but I didn't have a problem with either. (I guess some might quibble about [in] as a connector from wordplay to definition; I'm in the camp of feeling that it's equivalent either way.)
      • The Noah 🤓4:31 · 2024-06-11T20:36:17.335Z
        Great puzzle! None were too hard for me and i suck at cryptics
        • RoyJohnson490 9:29 · 2024-06-12T15:04:20.040Z
          Very good cryptic. Solid clues all around. :)
          • Lshfoster 🤓6:36 · 2024-06-13T20:12:19.211Z
            I'm pretty new to cryptics, and this might be the first one I've been able to solve without needing to check or reveal any squares. I thought the clues were fully parsable, and I really liked that I got fooled by the two boat clues thinking there would be a similar SS pattern and had to reassess. I found 1D hilarious and a great place to get started. I would assume 4A might be the "bit rough" one, since familiarity with Hi-C might be country-dependent? Not positive if that's what you were getting at, but I enjoyed the puzzle!
            Gangster entertains spectres (6)
            1. 4A
              Minor difficulty from orange juice mug (6)
            2. 5A
              Quiet boat's predatory fish (5)
            3. 6A
              Clippers catch in boat (6)
            1. 1D
              Gangster entertains spectres (6)
            2. 2D
              Musical interval from flying avocet (6)
            3. 3D
              Abscond from uh... underground shelter (6)