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7x7 Freestyle Fun!

· By hbxwords · Published 11 months ago

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  • Mike D 🤓1:26 · 11 months ago
    Really nice grid!
    • hbxwords constructor · 11 months ago
      • hbxwords constructor · 11 months ago
        What other ways are there for visitors to find a puzzle without explicitly posting a link (other than being chose for the main page)? Just curious as I explore here. Thanks!
        • Mike D 🤓1:26 · 11 months ago
          I definitely think this is something that needs improvement though - if you have ideas I'd love to talk through them! Maybe via an issue or discussion on Github?
          • hbxwords constructor · 11 months ago
            I'll think about this and open an issue when I have some feedback, thanks!
          • Mike D 🤓1:26 · 11 months ago
            Right now the only ways are for constructors to share links, for them to get featured on the homepage, or for folks to find a constructor they like and "Follow" them to get notified of new public puzzles
            • Jake A 🤓2:01 · 10 months ago
              Perhaps a “Random Puzzle” button feature? With or without pertinent filters.
              • Mike D 🤓1:26 · 10 months ago
                I like that idea!
        • Jake A 🤓2:01 · 10 months ago
          And great puzzle! Now wondering about GREASE
          4D GREASEMusical with a fan theory that the lead character dies at the start, which is really cool and weird but I'm skeptical.
          being set in Purgatory…
          • stbrolaf 🤓2:51 · 10 months ago
            BTS hype!
            1ACanine's canine
            1. 1A
              Canine's canine
            2. 5A
              Where bottle openers, random keys, etc. are often kept
            3. 7A
              Likely description for anything ending in "zilla"
            4. 9A
              "Hockey Night in Canada" airer (You jaded solvers, don't nitpick my clue, I know :) )
            5. 10A
              Back in my day, we didn't text PDFs... we had to use this dial-up thing. Now get off my lawn.
            6. 11A
              When this fails, try your emergency plan
            7. 13A
              Some umbilical remnants
            8. 14A
              Device series with a kinda-sorta creepy glowy-greenish logo
            1. 1D
              BTS Army, for one
            2. 2D
              Reactions to cute kitties or doggos
            3. 3D
              Something to do while you "chill"
            4. 4D
              Musical with a fan theory that the lead character dies at the start, which is really cool and weird but I'm skeptical.
            5. 5D
              Law that protects electronic ownership (Abbr.) Sorry, this is the cost for the other stuff in this grid.
            6. 6D
              Online pastime that my daughter can't stop watching videos of on her iPad
            7. 8D
              Pharma pickups
            8. 12D
              Arena in WWII, but not WWE