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In Memoriam

· By Sheila K · Published 3 months ago

Checking for previous play data...


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  • tofu 🤓30s · 3 months ago
    sorry for your loss ;~;
  • LCL 🤓1:05 · 3 months ago
    Aww... sigh I'm sorry for your loss. And a musician, no less! Perhaps she will be able to play with fellow keyboardist Ketzel, whose obit was in the NYT:
    • Sheila K constructor · 3 months ago
      oh gosh I hope so!! thank you!
    • Brian Callahan 20s · 3 months ago
      Sounds like she was a sweetheart. Very sorry for your loss.💔
      • Jon 31s · 3 months ago
        RIP Mo.
        • emmie 39s · 3 months ago
          So sorry for your loss. 💔
          • kieranjboyd 🤓19s · 3 months ago
            Sorry for your loss 💔
            • Larry Edelstein 🤓7s · 3 months ago
              It sucks to lose a buddy. I feel ya.
              • Regan Mutherford 48s · 3 months ago
                She sounds wonderful. Sorry for your liss
                • Sheila K constructor · 3 months ago
                  thank you so much everyone. you are all so sweet. 💜 mo was a very special cat indeed - anyone who has known her can vouch. love y'all.
                  1. 1A
                  2. 4A
                    Adventure Time setting
                  1. 1D
                    Cat who killed 15 mice in 3 months with stunning prowess
                  2. 2D
                    Cat whose sounds for being hungry, angry, and happy were identical
                  3. 3D
                    Cat born on May 1st, 2012 who was only 6 pounds