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Grave Affairs

· By Carolyn Kl · Published 12 days ago

Constructor's Note
*I thought this was his surname... but on double-checking myself, apparently 1D
1DSurname* of a certain Impaler[-----]
literally just means "Impaler" in Romanian. But since there's two whole Wikipedia lists of people with it as a surname, it evidently has become one since the 1400s. I think that counts. The more you know.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Kli4d 🤓2:05 · 12 days ago
    I like this centerless style of grid.
    • Very cool!
      • Grant Kennell 🤓2:53 · 12 days ago
        I knew it from Castlevania so it has to be legit. Fun!
        • Carolyn Kl constructor · 11 days ago
          Never played the games... but I'm obsessed with the Netflix series. You have solid tastes.
          • Grant Kennell 🤓2:53 · 11 days ago
            I only know it from the anime too. I wish it didn’t end.
        • kurtalert 🤓50s · 12 days ago
          nice, thanks!
          • Maxish 🤓1:12 · 11 days ago
            That little town of Yterrby has gobs of elements named after it: erbium, yttrium, ytterbium, terbium. A bunch more were discovered in the same region. Fun story... in the publication of the breakthrough discovery of the high-temperature superconductor YBCO, the researches deliberately mis-reported the formula as containing ytterbium throughout the peer-review process. At the last minute before publication, they emended their paper to the true formula, containing yttrium. Their work won the 1987 Nobel prize in physics.
            • michaelm 🤓2:08 · 11 days ago
              Like normal graves, but fancier and architecturally more imposing
              1. 1A
                Like normal graves, but fancier and architecturally more imposing
              2. 6A
                "Let ___ Cake" (or the soon-to-be-announced Metaverse replacement for actual animal proteins)
              3. 7A
                Grade school class where every sport was dodgeball by default, for me (abbr)
              4. 8A
                Nyet's antithesis
              5. 9A
                Where pyramids were the 1A
                1ALike normal graves, but fancier and architecturally more imposing[-----]
                of ancient rulers
              6. 11A
                Sword that would become a brand of hummus, if you changed the last letter
              1. 1D
                Surname* of a certain Impaler
              2. 2D
                "Alpha and _____"--truly cursed kid's film franchise that's like Romeo and Juliet with wolves
              3. 3D
                Teammate to both myself and I
              4. 4D
                Ad firm's worst nightmare
              5. 5D
                One of fifty in the US
              6. 10D
                Apparently, a town in Russia... also No. 70 on the periodic table