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· By xxxxxxxxxxxx · Published by noneuclidean · Published 2022-01-01T08:21:32.357Z

Meta Prompt
Xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx x 6 xxxxxx xxxx
Note: external resources are fair game, but don't check/reveal!
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  • Katelyn Delta solved 2022-01-01T07:24:40.168Z
  • Pixlate solved 2022-01-01T12:29:05.842Z
  • comp solved 2022-01-02T02:32:09.855Z
  • Joah solved 2022-01-03T06:07:36.163Z
  • Graham Atkinson solved 2022-01-06T19:35:11.460Z
  • nobody solved 2022-01-07T15:10:41.060Z
  • Jeffrey solved 2023-07-10T13:41:20.706Z
  • sus solved 2024-02-16T03:58:57.653Z


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  • Pixlate 🤓38s · 2022-01-01T12:29:17.840Z
    wow good lord
    • comp 🤓1:34 · 2022-01-02T02:32:45.944Z
      • Joah 🤓2:10 · 2022-01-03T06:09:01.213Z
        Phew that was incredibly tough! Enjoyed every minute of it though, and I love the idea of an open-Google crossword that's still this difficult! Fun experience all around!
        • nobody 🤓52s · 2022-01-07T15:13:10.533Z
          wait. also, can i ask for the unredacted clues 1 across & 3 down? i only filled it once i caught the meta
          • noneuclidean publisher · 2022-01-08T00:34:32.402Z
            1A: 1st of ROY G. BIV
            3D: The "D" in CD-ROM (MS-DOS works too, surprisingly!)
            • Charles Montpetit 4:09 · 2022-01-27T20:12:47.963Z
              At this point, we've either solved this or given up, so can we get the unredacted clues to the other entries, too?
              • noneuclidean publisher · 2022-01-28T09:22:33.324Z
                1A: 1st of ROY G. BIV
                4A: "Law & Order: Special Victims ____"
                6A: S&P 500 market that operates from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                7A: One of 3 in "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?", e.g.
                1D: ___-of-the-mill (ordinary)
                2D: Singer of "May It Be" from 2001 film "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" which was based on J. R. R. Tolkien's novel
                3D: The "D" in CD-ROM
                5D: 12-___ (musical system based on 440 Hz)
          • nobody 🤓52s · 2022-01-07T15:11:54.430Z
            this is amazing and i can't believe i did it but i feel like it took me infinitely longer than 52 seconds. what happened here
            • sus 🤓1:21 · 2024-02-16T04:00:32.383Z
              * 1xx xx XXX X. XXX
              1. 1A
                * 1xx xx XXX X. XXX
              2. 4A
                "Xxx & Xxxxx: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx ____"
              3. 6A
                X&X 500 xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx 9:30 x.x. xx 4:00 x.x.
              4. 7A
                * Xxx xx 3 xx "Xxx'x Xxxxxx xx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx?", x.x.
              1. 1D
                ___-xx-xxx-xxxx (xxxxxxx)
              2. 2D
                Xxxxxx xx "Xxx Xx Xx" xxxx 2001 xxxx "Xxx Xxxx xx xxx Xxxxx: Xxx Xxxxxxxxx xx xxx Xxxx" xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx X. X. X. Xxxxxxx'x xxxxx
              3. 3D
                Xxx "X" xx XX-XXX
              4. 5D
                12-___ (xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx 440 Xx)