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Mini #33 - You Had One Job

· By SporcleMirror · Published 15 days ago

Constructor's Note
Themeless and Monday-level... except for ONE very odd entry. I'll explain the title in the comments.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • SporcleMirror constructor · 15 days ago
    Today's New Yorker puzzle has NUVA
    7D___Ring (birth control brand)[----]
    crossing UNIT
    10AMeter or mile[----]
    ... which is totally baffling because it can just be changed to NOVA/ON IT, especially since (unlike in this mini) there are no other ONs in the grid. Easily fixable crossings like these (luckily it wasn't a Natick) sometimes drive me mad.
    • Brian Callahan 🤓58s · 14 days ago
      I haven't done the New Yorker crossword yet so I can't comment on it specifically, but if there's another "IT" in the grid somewhere then maybe that's the reason? I guess since the New Yorker has the more difficult crosswords earlier in the week, that may be why that crossing was chosen.🤷‍♂️
      • SporcleMirror constructor · 14 days ago
        No ITs anywhere.
        I'd much rather have a tough clue for NOVA than some random 4-letter entry that has showed up only once in the NYT. Not to mention that right above NUVA
        7D___Ring (birth control brand)[----]
        , there's a pretty nasty stack of names (one of which crosses NUVA
        7D___Ring (birth control brand)[----]
        at the N, but the N is pretty gettable if you have everything else).
        That one NYT puzzle is a Friday from 2010 that has NUVA
        7D___Ring (birth control brand)[----]
        stacked with the partial AJET. Come on.
        • Brian Callahan 🤓58s · 14 days ago
          I guess I don't mind NUVA
          7D___Ring (birth control brand)[----]
          as much, because I'm familiar with the brand name. Now if they put the non-brand name "Ethinylestradiol" in the puzzle, I'd take issue with it.😂
    • Jon 🤓1:13 · 14 days ago
      Angler fish emission
      1. 1A
        Angler fish emission
      2. 5A
        It goes on a hook
      3. 6A
        "Aha" moment utterance
      4. 7A
        On and on and on
      5. 10A
        Meter or mile
      6. 11A
        Tarzan or Donkey Kong's swinging transportation
      7. 12A
        Unknown author, briefly
      1. 1D
        What the tree tops do in a Christmas song
      2. 2D
        Sin punished via a neverending storm, in Dante's Inferno
      3. 3D
        Cookie with a flowery design on both sides
      4. 4D
        Break into tears
      5. 7D
        ___Ring (birth control brand)
      6. 8D
        "Come ____!" ("Be my guest!")
      7. 9D
        Madrid kid