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Mini Cryptic 8

· By dilly · Published 2024-07-10T18:36:25.176Z

Checking for previous play data...


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  • dilly constructor · 2024-07-10T18:49:23.228Z
    1A: Obsessive; FANG (“vampire feature”) before (“has...following”) IRL (“small (i.e. abbr.) offline”)
    5A: Defense of Octopi; S[yllabus]+C[actus] (“Firstly”) + ASK (“require”) + [lati]N (“ending”) + I (“-i”), all in reverse (“comeback”)
    6A: Ok, my love; (DARKEYES)* (“fabulous”) - (“not to mention the”) [thic]K (“rear end”)
    1D: Magic being; FAIR (“allowed in the rules”) + Y[ou’re] (“in first place”)
    2D: Shoes; [bounc]E (“back”) inside reversed (“retro”) SKIN (“leather”)
    3D: lost for words; hidden in (“throughout”) [argent]INAWE[‘re]
    4D: He’s doomed; CLOSE (“to shut”) - (“down”) C (“almost” i.e. circa) followed by R (“right after”)
    • The Noah 9:12 · 2024-07-10T23:02:22.609Z
      • dilly constructor · 2024-07-11T00:00:38.472Z
        Thanks for solving!
      • Aaron Riccio 🤓5:02 · 2024-07-11T13:15:55.927Z
        Clever surfaces that really required some digging to spot the parses; I enjoyed the journey, especially with 1D and 5A!
        A few quibbles in the name of perfection: [small offline] is a bit awkward for an abbreviation indicator and [the thick rear end] should grammatically be something like [thick's rear end] (I'm also not sure about [has] as an equivalent linking word). As for [to shut down almost], I read this as you trying to use [almost] as a beheadment instead of a curtailment. [Down] as a deletion indicator and [almost] for "circa" for "C" is a bit too two-stepping and hard for me.
        • dilly constructor · 2024-07-11T20:38:59.487Z
          Thanks for solving, and thanks for the quibbles. To respond to a few: I don’t mind “has” as a linking word personally, as in “X has [as its components] the mixed up letters of such-and-such,” e.g. though I agree it’s a bit stretchier than “is” or “from” or whatever.
          As for “almost”/circa/c. I agree that it’s far fetched. I have personally seen it in so many cryptics, that I thought it had currency despite being obscure, like “nene” or something in a regular crossword. If not, then I probably won’t use it again.
          Not to be too forward, but can you elaborate on my “thick rear end”? (Sorry.) I get that it’s a bit stilted without the -‘s but I thought that sort of “newspaper headline” language was OK for cryptics. Would you need to use “-‘s”, “of”, etc. every time you select from another word? So like “pig heart” can’t clue for “i”, “sprinkler head” can’t clue for “s”? Maybe you didn’t mean that much by it since you said you were nitpicking, but I am curious since I feel like I do this type of thing a lot in my cluing.
          Thanks for the feedback as always!
          • Aaron Riccio 🤓5:02 · 2024-07-11T23:27:31.877Z
            Some setters definitely do what you're talking about; as you say, I'm just nitpicking things that I've seen (from personal experience) cause issues before. [Ok, my love has fabulous dark eyes (not to mention the thick rear end)] is [Ok my love] DEFINITION [has] = ANAGRIND [fabulous] ANAGRIST [dark eyes] DELETION INDICATOR [not to mention].
            Now the DELETION itself is [the thick rear end]. Can you get to [-k] from that? Yes. Is it unambiguously clear? No. At a minimum I'd want to cut extraneous [the]—which leaves me wondering why it's not "his," "her," or "their" (all of which are equally extraneous). Just today, Kosman and Picciotto, who have published over a decade of quality weekly cryptics (first in The Nation and now on their Patreon, Out of Left Field), wrote about sometimes breaking "rules" for the sake of surfaces, so you're in good company, especially if you're acting deliberately!
      Obsessive (vampire feature) has small offline following (7)
      1. 1A
        Obsessive (vampire feature) has small offline following (7)
      2. 5A
        “Firstly, syllabus and cactus require Latin ending ‘-i’”, comeback from Defense of “Octopi” (3, 4)
      3. 6A
        Ok, my love has fabulous dark eyes (not to mention the thick rear end) (3, 4)
      1. 1D
        Magic being allowed in the rules, you’re in first place (5)
      2. 2D
        Bounce back in retro leather shoes (5)
      3. 3D
        Throughout Argentina, we’re lost for words (2, 3)
      4. 4D
        He’s doomed to shut down almost right after (5)