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Double Trouble #12: “In a jam”

◆◆ · By JWords · Published 2024-05-07T11:00:00.093Z

Constructor's Note
Each cell in this puzzle contains exactly two letters — use the rebus function to enter them
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  • JWords constructor · 2024-05-07T11:00:00.093Z
    2A: H[e’s] O[ne] inside T[hunde]R; & lit.
    3A: exPECTINg
    4A: IO+N[ascent]+/eyes/ (apologies for the partial homophone — wanted to make sure the spelling was transatlantic-ambiguous)
    5A: [-g]ULPS*
    2D: TH(INN)ING (i.e. pub in affair)
    • Account 🤓5:42 · 2024-05-07T13:20:31.274Z
      Very clever use of the Schrodinger! Nice puzzle! My time was a little inflated because of a bug though.
      • JWords constructor · 2024-05-07T19:49:18.156Z
        Thanks, just tried to find a way to make it equally solvable on any side of the pond! Can’t say it’s wholly original though, I’m sure I’ve seen similar on here
      • nate 🤓3:26 · 2024-05-07T20:33:30.027Z
        Great one, I love 2a and 3a! Might have to steal that "eyes" trick...
        • JWords constructor · 2024-05-08T06:44:53.612Z
          Please do, it’s all yours! Thanks for solving
        • Aaron Riccio 🤓2:59 · 2024-05-08T12:38:48.115Z
          Always nice to solve these doubled puzzles. Really liked 1D and 2D and 3A was well masked! Kept misreading [setter].
          • JWords constructor · 2024-05-08T14:17:58.575Z
            Thank you! Was particularly pleased with 3A, it's always nice to come up with a hidden word clue that's not immediately obvious
          Turbulent bit of truth written on confirmations of debt (8)
          1. 2A
            Primarily, he’s one engaged in thunder being discharged! (4)
          2. 3A
            Expecting to house setter in a jam? (6)
          3. 4A
            Moon of Jupiter initially nascent; on the radio, seers generate small charges (6)
          4. 5A
            Gulps fluid, wanting a gallon — that’s a positive sign (4)
          1. 1D
            Turbulent bit of truth written on confirmations of debt (8)
          2. 2D
            Tapering off affair in pub? Quite the opposite! (8)