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To My New Granddaughter

· By JeffsPuzzles · Published 2023-02-02T23:30:56.627Z

Constructor's Note
Sandy and I became grandparents yesterday! Our granddaughter, 18 Across, and her Mom, Andrea, are doing great. Here's a puzzle in her honor, with easy clues followed by bracketed notes to her relating the answers to our family. (I plan to indoctrinate her into the joys of crosswords ASAP!) Yes, it's incredibly sappy, but you can't blame me!!
Jeff Linder
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  • Grant Kennell 🤓7:32 · 2023-02-03T01:37:58.963Z
    Awwww. Those notes to your granddaughter made an already fun puzzle even better. Congratulations to your family!
    • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-03T12:58:22.338Z
      Thank you!
    • Chris Derrick 🤓6:21 · 2023-02-03T04:42:37.021Z
      • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-03T12:58:29.585Z
        Thanks so much!
      • spikeydlux 🤓3:38 · 2023-02-03T05:31:53.057Z
        This is a lovely puzzle with lots of charming meaning built in. Congrats, Grandpa, and welcome to the world, Eleanor: it's a wondrous place.
        • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-03T12:58:45.353Z
          Thank you kindly!
        • Brian Callahan 🤓2:58 · 2023-02-03T19:26:23.152Z
          This is a beautiful tribute. Congratulations to you and your family!
          • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-03T22:58:13.445Z
            Thank you. It's amazing.
          • emmie 🤓4:07 · 2023-02-03T20:12:05.667Z
            Grandpa Jeff, I did not come on the internet to cry today!!! Yet, here we are. :)
            Congratulations to you and your family - and welcome to the world, 18A!
            • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-03T23:00:29.505Z
              Thanks!!! We are all flying high!
            • Velocipedist 🤓4:46 · 2023-02-04T05:31:49.228Z
              • Raven 12:19 · 2023-02-04T19:46:27.016Z
                Adorable puzzle! Well constructed and good clues. :) Congrats!
                • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-04T21:41:08.270Z
                • Carolyn Kl 4:31 · 2023-02-05T00:12:01.399Z
                  This is adorable. Eleanor's going to be a little crossword prodigy. Congrats!
                  • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-05T02:35:12.695Z
                    Thank you!
                  • RelentlessOne 🤓4:32 · 2023-02-05T06:12:13.557Z
                    Lol I felt your pride throughout the whole thing dude. Congrats big time
                    • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-05T13:08:04.488Z
                      Many thanks!
                    • Slothrop 🤓10:50 · 2023-02-06T00:56:33.732Z
                      Hmm. My mom was a Linder. Congrats on expanding the family.
                      • JeffsPuzzles constructor · 2023-02-07T22:33:25.364Z
                        Thank you. I don't know of any relatives with the Linder name - my Dad was an only child. His family was from either Poland or the Ukraine, depending on the year.
                      • frostyjhammer 🤓4:59 · 2023-02-07T19:31:28.247Z
                        I had almost as much fun solving as you did authoring. LOLed at 21A!
                        Pt. of the Alps or Rockies. [I'll take you to any mountain, anywhere; just don't expect me to ski. Your Grandpa Jeff and skis don't get along well.]
                        1. 1A
                          Pt. of the Alps or Rockies. [I'll take you to any mountain, anywhere; just don't expect me to ski. Your Grandpa Jeff and skis don't get along well.]
                        2. 4A
                          "(It's Not Easy) ___ Green" (Kermit the Frog song). [Ask your Mom to show you the video of her and Grandpa Jeff dancing to "The Rainbow Connection" at your parents' wedding]
                        3. 8A
                          One who looks after someone. [You've got lots of people looking after you!]
                        4. 10A
                          It hangs in Italy [Maybe you'll grow up to paint beautiful pictures like your Grandma Nan!]
                        5. 11A
                          Macy's Thanksgiving Day ____ [Your Grandma Sandy wanted to be a majorette and your Grandpa Jeff used to play in a marching band]
                        6. 12A
                          Hug and ___ [What I'll do every time I see you!]
                        7. 13A
                          Columbia or Harvard, for short [ask your Grandpa Bob for stories]
                        8. 14A
                          Capital One and other stadiums [I know your Dad and Mom will take you to lots of Caps games]
                        9. 16A
                          Number of squares in a tic tac toe game [We'll play lots of games!]
                        10. 17A
                          "What's up, ___?" [I hope you like watching old cartoons like Bugs Bunny and especially Tom and Jerry and Top Cat, which your Uncles Ryan and Adam loved]
                        11. 18A
                          Roosevelt who was one of the greatest women in American history [And it's your name!]
                        12. 21A
                          Title for some diplomats (Abbr.) [If you ever construct crosswords, and I sure hope you do, you'll find that sometimes you can't avoid "bad" fill. This is one of those times]
                        13. 22A
                          Eight (Sp.) [Your Great-Grandma Eva, whom you were named after, was born in Cuba and grew up in Puerto Rico speaking Spanish]
                        14. 25A
                          Arrive by ship [You're going to love going on cruises! Ask Uncle Ryan to show you a picture of him as a kid on a ship with a super-sized ice cream cone]
                        15. 28A
                          Keurig insert ["Coffee" might be one of your first words given how much your Dad loves it!]
                        16. 29A
                          Red Sesame Street character [His name sounds a little like yours]
                        17. 30A
                          Baltimore baseball player [We're all Nats fans and I hope you will be too, though as long as you're a baseball fan I don't care whom you root for!]
                        18. 32A
                          Lots [Like how many books and stuffed animals you already have]
                        19. 33A
                          Burst with pride (from Yiddish) [I'm sure you'll make your parents and grandparents do this a whole lot!]
                        20. 34A
                          Tune [A band called the Turtles wrote one with your name as the title, but they spelled it differently. It goes ["[your name], gee, I think you're swell ..." and they're right!]]
                        21. 35A
                          Gov't agency issuing 9-digit IDs [You got one when you were born]
                        1. 1D
                          Related to the ocean [You'll see the ocean every time you go with your Grandma Nan and Grandpa Bob to Cape Cod]
                        2. 2D
                          Accompany on a trip [I hope you love seeing other places as much as I do - you'll come with us to lots of exciting places!]
                        3. 3D
                          Fictional Flanders (the Simpsons) or Stark (Game of Thrones) [I think this would be a good name for a teddy bear because Ned and Teddy can both be nicknames for Edward]
                        4. 4D
                          Make snickerdoodles, e.g. [You'll do this lots with Grandma Sandy!!!]
                        5. 5D
                          Poetic name for Ireland [Ireland is one of my very favorite places in the whole world. Ask Mommy to tell you what she talked about with Uncle Ryan and Uncle Adam when Grandma Sandy and I walked along the Cliffs of Moher]]
                        6. 6D
                          "___ Girl!" [You had lots of balloons saying that]
                        7. 7D
                          Famous Scottish loch [Two of my favorite authors, Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin, come from Scotland. Maybe you'll read them one day!]
                        8. 8D
                          "___ have another snickerdoodle?" [at your grandparents, almost certainly!]
                        9. 9D
                          Enjoy "Harry the Dirty Dog," e.g. [your whole family loves to do this; I know you will too!]
                        10. 11D
                          Bit of wordplay [Between your Dad, your Mom, your Grandma Sandy, and your Grandpa Jeff, you're going to be hearing lots of these!]
                        11. 15D
                          Harry Potter's friend [I can't wait to share these great stories with you]
                        12. 19D
                          CPR pro [Your Dad served as one before you were born]
                        13. 20D
                          Coke competitor [You'll learn that in our family Coke, and especially Diet Coke for the grown-ups, is the only acceptable cola]
                        14. 23D
                          The outside of a popcorn kernel, or the body of a ship [Grandma Sandy loves popcorn!!!]
                        15. 24D
                          "Open," to Shakespeare [You'll be assigned some of his plays in school and probably not like them. Read him again as a grown-up, they're amazing!]
                        16. 25D
                          The Caribbean and Mediterranean, e.g. [Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean. You'll love it there. I'll show you where my Grandma and Grandpa used to live and we'll eat yummy fried bananas]
                        17. 26D
                          Kind of saxophone [It's my main instrument. Maybe you'll learn to play it, or maybe you'll play flute like your Mom, guitar like your Dad and your Uncle Adam, or piano like me and Grandma Sandy. Or all of them!]
                        18. 27D
                          "___ your side" (Simon and Garfunkel, "Bridge over Troubled Water") [I always will be!]
                        19. 31D
                          Camper vans, for short. [Your great-uncle Eric and great-aunt Elise like to take vacations in these]