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Themeless #2

Published 23 days ago

So, it's been a while! Just a lot of things on my plate, which I'm pleased to announce is no longer the case. Well, mostly. Either way, have a themeless grid which I did as some practice!
On the clue for 46D, please feel free to append an "who is unde...

Face a Greater Challenge

Published 4 months ago

Happy New Year, folks!
... what do you mean I'm late? R u d e.
Something I'm hoping to get better at in the new year is finding good fill! Let's just say it's a work in progress - but practice here does make... well, not perfect, but at very least bett...
.... wait, what do you mean I'm not getting paid for advertising? Yeah, I noticed that this would work from the letters, decided that the practice filling and whatnot would be good - especially because my lovely cryptic clues decided to close their t...
Fair warning: This was a daft idea - and probably a bit on the difficult side (This puzzle exists to get the idea Out Of My System). My reference basis also means that I had free reign to be... well, let's just say that I wouldn't usually include som...

Mutt's Mini #1

Published 5 months ago

Well, Minis are much less stressful to make! This particular one was based on getting 1A, 13A/16A, and 27A into the same little grid, and I hope y'all enjoy!
Many thanks to Quanyails for catching my typo on 10A, which has now been fixed :D

Mini Cryptic for Beginners #1

Published 5 months ago

Hi folks! This is my first "Beginner Cryptic" - each clue focusses on one type of wordplay. A good write-up of the potential clue types is available here. In this grid there are: Anagrams, Hidden Words, Initial Letters, Homophones, Charades, and Cont...

Cryptic #1 - Nerd Stuff

Published 5 months ago

Hi! So, this is an old cryptic of mine from about 3 months back that I made for a small thing, and I figured that it might help introduce the genre. This is even a themed puzzle, to an extent - I hope you like your video games and general nerdery!

Themeless #1

Published 5 months ago

Hi! Thanks for checking out my first foray into US-Style puzzles. I'm slightly more used to the puzzles of my native Britain - but this was a fun challenge. And, hey, no need to insult Ximenes with my cryptics!
Hope y'all enjoy - would love for some f...