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np: Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive

◆◆ · Published 5 months ago

Fill is fun! I can't believe that 57D was last used in 1997 (ofc, the clue would've been rather different back then!!). I'd have liked to get one more set of long entries in but... well, I looked into the abyss, and it glared back at me.
Please feel f...

Themeless #2

◆◆ · Published 7 months ago

So, it's been a while! Just a lot of things on my plate, which I'm pleased to announce is no longer the case. Well, mostly. Either way, have a themeless grid which I did as some practice!
On the clue for 46D, please feel free to append an "who is unde...

Face a Greater Challenge

◆◆ · Published 10 months ago

Happy New Year, folks!
... what do you mean I'm late? R u d e.
Something I'm hoping to get better at in the new year is finding good fill! Let's just say it's a work in progress - but practice here does make... well, not perfect, but at very least bett...

Unleash The Beast! (Wait, wrong show...)

◆◆ · Published 10 months ago

.... wait, what do you mean I'm not getting paid for advertising? Yeah, I noticed that this would work from the letters, decided that the practice filling and whatnot would be good - especially because my lovely cryptic clues decided to close their t...

Herbicide: To Scrap A Volkswagen Beetle

◆◆ · Published 11 months ago

Fair warning: This was a daft idea - and probably a bit on the difficult side (This puzzle exists to get the idea Out Of My System). My reference basis also means that I had free reign to be... well, let's just say that I wouldn't usually include som...

Mutt's Mini #1

◆◆ · Published 11 months ago

Well, Minis are much less stressful to make! This particular one was based on getting 1A, 13A/16A, and 27A into the same little grid, and I hope y'all enjoy!
Many thanks to Quanyails for catching my typo on 10A, which has now been fixed :D

Mini Cryptic for Beginners #1

· Published 11 months ago

Hi folks! This is my first "Beginner Cryptic" - each clue focusses on one type of wordplay. A good write-up of the potential clue types is available here. In this grid there are: Anagrams, Hidden Words, Initial Letters, Homophones, Charades, and Cont...

Cryptic #1 - Nerd Stuff

◆◆ · Published 11 months ago

Hi! So, this is an old cryptic of mine from about 3 months back that I made for a small thing, and I figured that it might help introduce the genre. This is even a themed puzzle, to an extent - I hope you like your video games and general nerdery!

Themeless #1

◆◆ · Published 11 months ago

Hi! Thanks for checking out my first foray into US-Style puzzles. I'm slightly more used to the puzzles of my native Britain - but this was a fun challenge. And, hey, no need to insult Ximenes with my cryptics!
Hope y'all enjoy - would love for some f...