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Mini Cryptic for Beginners #1

By Resident Mutt ยท Published about 2 months ago

Hi folks! This is my first "Beginner Cryptic" - each clue focusses on one type of wordplay. A good write-up of the potential clue types is available here. In this grid there are: Anagrams, Hidden Words, Initial Letters, Homophones, Charades, and Containers. These are some of the most common wordplay elements, and I hope you enjoy!
My clue notes are below, along with a set of hints (I hope they're accessible whilst you're solving!)
Clue Type: Container
Hint: What letter is often used for 'Bishop', especially in chess?
Parsing: CAIN [Abel's Brother] 'captures' B [bishop] to create CABIN [log house]
Clue Type: Hidden Word
Hint: Hidden Word clues tend to indicate which side is the definition gramatically - we would say "CANE is concealed by peCAN Enthusiast", but not "Pecan enthusiast is concealed by cane" - the grammar here doesn't work. Which side do you think has the definition in this clue?
Parsing: cheRUB I Kissed [Hungariian inventor]
Clue Type: Anagram
Hint: Anagrams will never ask for synonyms - clues such as "Unusually tough monster (5)" meaning an anagram of HARDY for HYDRA are a thing of the past - the clue now would be "Unusually hardy monster (5)". Anagrams may ask for shortforms mind (e.g. 'Celcius = C'), but never synonyms. With that said, the letters here are right in front of you!
Parsing: Anagram [higgledy-piggledy] of lodge is OGLED [Stared at]
Clue Type: Charades
Hint: Sometimes a charade element can be several words - in this case, 'board game from China' is describing a two letter thing.
Parsing: CAR [automobile] + GO [board game from China]
Note: This clue features a connective 'is'! Whilst that's not strictly necessary, they do tend to pop up. See this link for thoughts on what should and shouldn't be used.
Clue Type: Acrostic
Hint: Originally indicates that we're looking at the first letter(s) of things - try that out!
Parsing: B A B E L_
Clue Type: Homophone
Hint: This is a two-word homophone, which includes a word meaning "to vote against"
Parsing: Homophone [heard] of "Nay kid", for NAKEDD [Unguarded]
Checking for previous play data...
  1. 1A
    Abel's brother captures bishop's log house (5)
  2. 4A
    Hungarian inventor held by cherub I kissed (5)
  3. 5A
    Stared at higgledy-piggledy lodge (5)
  1. 1D
    Freight is automobile board game from China (5)
  2. 2D
    Tower originally built as Boudicca's eastern lookout (5)
  3. 3D
    Unguarded, heard no child (5)