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Mini Cryptic for Beginners #1

By Resident MuttPublished 7 months ago

Hi folks! This is my first "Beginner Cryptic" - each clue focusses on one type of wordplay. A good write-up of the potential clue types is available here. In this grid there are: Anagrams, Hidden Words, Initial Letters, Homophones, Charades, and Containers. These are some of the most common wordplay elements, and I hope you enjoy!
My clue notes are below, along with a set of hints (I hope they're accessible whilst you're solving!)
Clue Type: Container
Hint: What letter is often used for 'Bishop', especially in chess?
Parsing: CAIN [Abel's Brother] 'captures' B [bishop] to create CABIN [log house]
Clue Type: Hidden Word
Hint: Hidden Word clues tend to indicate which side is the definition gramatically - we would say "CANE is concealed by peCAN Enthusiast", but not "Pecan enthusiast is concealed by cane" - the grammar here doesn't work. Which side do you think has the definition in this clue?
Parsing: cheRUB I Kissed [Hungariian inventor]
Clue Type: Anagram
Hint: Anagrams will never ask for synonyms - clues such as "Unusually tough monster (5)" meaning an anagram of HARDY for HYDRA are a thing of the past - the clue now would be "Unusually hardy monster (5)". Anagrams may ask for shortforms mind (e.g. 'Celcius = C'), but never synonyms. With that said, the letters here are right in front of you!
Parsing: Anagram [higgledy-piggledy] of lodge is OGLED [Stared at]
Clue Type: Charades
Hint: Sometimes a charade element can be several words - in this case, 'board game from China' is describing a two letter thing.
Parsing: CAR [automobile] + GO [board game from China]
Note: This clue features a connective 'is'! Whilst that's not strictly necessary, they do tend to pop up. See this link for thoughts on what should and shouldn't be used.
Clue Type: Acrostic
Hint: Originally indicates that we're looking at the first letter(s) of things - try that out!
Parsing: B A B E L_
Clue Type: Homophone
Hint: This is a two-word homophone, which includes a word meaning "to vote against"
Parsing: Homophone [heard] of "Nay kid", for NAKEDD [Unguarded]
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  • Mike D 馃1:40聽路聽7 months ago
    Awesome puzzle! I had a much easier time with this one than the last 馃榿. The trickiest one for me was OGLED
    5A OGLEDStared at higgledy-piggledy lodge (5)
    - I ended up basically just guessing it from the definition. But your explanation clarified it perfectly!
    • Resident Mutt constructor聽路聽7 months ago
      Never any shame in making a guess at the definition and looking at letter patterns! I've done that plenty of times - often then thinking and realising "Oh, that's why that's the answer". I'm glad I got the difficulty right for a beginner puzzle and all + glad you enjoyed :-)
    • Cullen 馃2:08聽路聽7 months ago
      Rubik was hardest for me, but that's mostly because I'm awful at recognizing hidden word clues. Nice job!
      • Resident Mutt constructor聽路聽7 months ago
        Glad you enjoyed! Hidden words can be a bit hit'n'miss - sometimes they're the easiest way in, sometimes you end up looking at them halfway through the puzzle and sigh.
      1AAbel's brother captures bishop's log house (5)
      1. 1A
        Abel's brother captures bishop's log house (5)
      2. 4A
        Hungarian inventor held by cherub I kissed (5)
      3. 5A
        Stared at higgledy-piggledy lodge (5)
      1. 1D
        Freight is automobile board game from China (5)
      2. 2D
        Tower originally built as Boudicca's eastern lookout (5)
      3. 3D
        Unguarded, heard no child (5)