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Untitled Mini

· By Jake A · Published 5 months ago

Constructor's Note: Hope you enjoy! If you have time—a most precious commodity—I’d be honored if you’d try my recent 15x15 and 18x18 puzzles. I’m looking for feedback, suggestions and guidance. Thanks a ton!!!
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  • Mike D 🤓1:31 · 5 months ago
    Nice one Jake! I struggled a bit with SUPER
    2D SUPERWith 6A, a kids lit novel about 6A
    6A FUDGEKids lit sobriquet
    and AGNES
    4D AGNESEndora on classic TV
    but managed to guess right after getting the rest 🎉. Clever way to clue DRESS
    9A DRESSFull-scale, as a rehearsal
    • Jake A constructor · 5 months ago
      Thanks, Mike!
    • Taylor Johnson 1:34 · 5 months ago
      • Jake A constructor · 5 months ago
        Glad you liked it! Please check out some of my other puzzles; they’re not perfect, but I try to keep them fun. 😄
    • Jim Slaughter 4:02 · 5 months ago
      Well done. I didn't have time to figure it out so I revealed the answers and was very interested in your answers. Great clues!
      • Jake A constructor · 5 months ago
        Thanks, Jim! I appreciate it. I’ve got some other more time-consuming puzzles for when you’ve got more time to spare. 😉
      • William Deere 🤓1:09 · 5 months ago
        Really nice. Great clues for DRESS
        9A DRESSFull-scale, as a rehearsal
        and KEELS
        5D KEELSBottoms from bows to sterns
        . And a Judy Blume reference always gets a smile out of me!
        • Jake A constructor · 5 months ago
          Thanks, William! A smile is the best I can hope for. I really enjoy and often find myself including little homages to those who have had an impact on me in some regard. I guess Judy Blume was one such person!
        1AWicked Game crooner
        1. 1A
          Wicked Game crooner
        2. 6A
          Kids lit sobriquet
        3. 7A
          Toss out $0.02
        4. 8A
          Word with up or best
        5. 9A
          Full-scale, as a rehearsal
        1. 1D
          “Too rich for my blood.”
        2. 2D
          With 6A
          Kids lit sobriquet[-----]
          , a kids lit novel about 6A
          Kids lit sobriquet[-----]
        3. 3D
          Take ___ (throw a match)
        4. 4D
          Endora on classic TV
        5. 5D
          Bottoms from bows to sterns