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Number 5 by 5

By DRitters · Published 15 days ago

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  • DRitters constructor · 15 days ago
    I just wanted to try the Crosshare building interface, so I put up a 5x5 grid and had it auto fill. When I saw 7A
    7A ROBOTNumber 5, in "Short Circuit"
    and 8A
    8A ALIVE"Number 5 is _______" (Short Circuit)
    , I knew I had a theme!
    • Mike D 22s · 15 days ago
      Heh I have never seen Short Circuit but failing so hard at this puzzle made me want to 😂! LMK if you think of anything that could use improvement w/ the constructor! Feedback is especially appreciated when it comes from folks who have experience with other tools too.
    • Tarot And Rye 1:45 · 15 days ago
      Now do Flight of the Navigator :V
      1. 1A
        What you might hear one of the privates trying to catch Number 5 yell, if he's trying to get his superior's attention
      2. 6A
        What Number 5 would wear if he won a beauty pageant
      3. 7A
        Number 5, in "Short Circuit"
      4. 8A
        "Number 5 is _______" (Short Circuit)
      5. 9A
        What Ally Sheedy's eyes do when she realizes that Number 5 is a sentient being
      1. 1D
        What Number 5 might have put a piece of in his mouth to blend in at the farm when he was being hunted
      2. 2D
        Fancy spread that Ally Sheedy or Steve Gutenberg could probably not afford to have in Short Circuit
      3. 3D
        Description of dogs that might have bent sent to hunt Number 5
      4. 4D
        Small patch of trees outside Ally Sheedy's place in Short Circuit
      5. 5D
        What Number 5 wouldn't have been, even if the dogs caught him