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October 2: The Clues Have Eyes (to help you find the answer)

· By Brett Rose · Published by Malaika Handa · Published 9 months ago

Meta Prompt: The answer to the meta puzzle is a well-known song from a movie
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  • Frisco17 solved at 13:07 on 10/2/2021
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved at 13:16 on 10/2/2021
  • Phil S solved at 13:19 on 10/2/2021
  • David R solved at 14:11 on 10/2/2021
  • susan802 solved at 14:50 on 10/2/2021
  • Julia solved at 15:10 on 10/2/2021
  • Jaxon solved at 21:37 on 10/2/2021
  • Lilroser solved at 21:52 on 10/2/2021
  • Log3overLog2 solved at 22:05 on 10/2/2021
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved at 22:13 on 10/2/2021
  • Tester solved at 22:25 on 10/2/2021
  • Alexander Quinn solved at 2:01 on 10/3/2021
  • cshabsin solved at 13:43 on 10/4/2021
  • Ed solved at 13:59 on 10/4/2021
  • Matt A solved at 0:18 on 10/5/2021
  • ApeironCalamity solved at 21:23 on 10/6/2021
  • MM solved at 18:09 on 11/8/2021


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  • Frisco17 3:11 · 9 months ago
    Very nice!
    • Lilroser 🤓33s · 9 months ago
      Thanks Frisco! I’m curious - how easy was the Meta for you? (It’s my puzzle)
      • Frisco17 3:11 · 9 months ago
        Tough to decode fully, but I got it from the SUPER
        6A SUPERPractically perfect in every way
        10A CALIFHome of LAX and SFO
        • Lilroser 🤓33s · 9 months ago
          Yea I felt I had to put that in there…. Everything else was to “nudge” if you didn’t see that. What I said in my write up (which won’t be posted next week?) is that it’s either a “Week 1” (if you see that) or a “Week 3” (if you don’t and come in through the clues) Thanks!
    • susan802 🤓1:26 · 9 months ago
      Enjoyed this--my first-ever-correct meta! (still looking forward to the revealer explanation)
      • Lilroser 🤓33s · 9 months ago
        Thanks Susan! Apparently the revealer will come in a week 🤯 if you are the Susan that followed me today on Twitter (thanks!) just DM me…
      • Log3overLog2 🤓2:50 · 9 months ago
        Bravo!! Feed the birds, TUPAC
        3D TUPAC"Hit 'Em Up" and "All Eyez on Me" Rapper (Count this one, you'll need it!)
        a bag.
        • Lilroser 🤓33s · 9 months ago
          Ha ha!
        • cshabsin 🤓56s · 9 months ago
          Ok, I solved it, but I don't get the connection to eyes... was there any?
          You could almost solve it just from 6A
          6A SUPERPractically perfect in every way
          's clue and the description of the meta answer.
          • Norah 🤓1:11 · 8 months ago
            1AMilwaukee time zone
            1. 1A
              Milwaukee time zone
            2. 4A
              Type of expression with sad eyes
            3. 6A
              Practically perfect in every way
            4. 8A
              All the letters inside a book can be found here (don't forget to use your eyes, including this one)
            5. 10A
              Home of LAX and SFO
            6. 12A
              Oscar-winning actress Kedrova (but not for Hitchcock's Torn Curtain, unfortunately)
            7. 13A
              Brian, Laverne, Courtney, or the cable service on which one's eyes may view them
            1. 1D
              iPod precursors
            2. 2D
              Gazpacho or gumbo
            3. 3D
              "Hit 'Em Up" and "All Eyez on Me" Rapper (Count this one, you'll need it!)
            4. 5D
              Apt description of royalty (such as Queen Clarisse Renaldi)
            5. 7D
              Galileo's finger or Einstein's eyes, for example
            6. 9D
              Farm tower
            7. 11D
              E-mail precursor, in a way