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7x7 #5

· By synced murals · Published 2023-09-30T23:00:12.021Z

Constructor's Note
I can't remember the shortcut to leave clues blank! If you know it please put it in the comments!
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Pedagogue 7:24 · 2023-10-01T12:54:43.595Z
    Thanks for an entertaining cryptic. Help needed: 10A Definition? 2D "After wax"? 1A Definition? 12A Parse, please. 8D Parse, please.
    • dooiemus 1:51 · 2023-10-07T11:48:38.366Z
      I could try... 10A: The definition is "One might not find a drink at a pub" meaning there is some overlap going on. 2D: Wax Lyrical is a British candle brand, Google tells me. 1A: The definition is "opening". 12A: Maybe an anagram (surprised) of N(o) and ILK (type of person(but that's not an exact match)). 8D: OK (fine) placed after ON (working) reversed (back).
      • Pedagogue 7:24 · 2023-10-07T17:09:08.253Z
        Thanks for your help. 10A I got the word play but I thought the definition was poor; that's why I posted the reply. Perhaps, "One might not TAKE a drink . . " would have been better. 2D I think there should have been some hint that it was a candle company, otherwise it is far too obscure; however, if the intention was "wax lyrical" meaning "speak effusively and excitedly", again, no hint was given in the clue. 1A I think "opening" is a poor synonym for "flue"; that's why I posted the reply. 12A The letters of the anagram must appear in the word play. 8D I totally missed this! Once again, many thanks.
        • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-18T10:43:50.528Z
          I think I have covered some of this in my answer above.
          In terms of the letters of an anagram needing to be in a clue, you are right. I the reason I have been doing this is because I had misread of clues I'd solved British newspapers, for example:
          "Light at night has upset these rodents (4)"
          Here, 'star' is upset to make 'RATS'. I had taken 'upset' to mean anagram, when it's actually a reversal indicator.
          Feedback is noted, and I will include anagram letters in the clues now !
        • synced murals constructor · 2023-10-18T10:27:53.745Z
          Thanks @dooimus for taking the time to reply!
          Thanks again for the feedback @pedagogue. Looking at this puzzle a few weeks later, I can see the lack of clarity with some of the definitions. I normally check the clues a few days after I've written them, but did have a chance to with this puzzle!
          Perhaps I would rewrite 2D as "Melodic, following wax in a phrase". Melodic is a straightforward synonym of lyrical, and "wax lyrical" is a phrase/ idiom.
          In a perfect world, 10A would be an &lit clue! Where the definition and wordplay are the same. Again, I'll have another think about how to construct it.
          1A does need a "?" to indicate that a flue is a type opening, but not all openings are flues.
          For 12A, 'N' is a valid abbreviation for 'no' - think checking Y or N on a form. Ilk is certainly a synonym for type, and I thought adding 'of person' would add clarity, but maybe not.
          And I think @dooiemus has covered 8D.
      Give drug to cold opening (4)
      1. 1A
        Give drug to cold opening (4)
      2. 4A
        Dock sounds like the answer (4)
      3. 5A
      4. 7A
        Revelation is within range of vision (7)
      5. 9A
      6. 10A
        One might not find a drink at a pub, in hindsight (4)
      7. 12A
        No type of person surprised where one's fired (4)
      1. 1D
      2. 2D
        After wax, a singer might emit a phrase like this (7)
      3. 3D
        Clear impression made by draw missing screw initially and Potassium (4)
      4. 4D
        Decapitate sea creature for some money (4)
      5. 6D
        Attempt done with knife (4)
      6. 8D
        Fine after working back in sheltered place (4)
      7. 11D