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Anagrammy 7 :]

· By Sara Cantor · Published 7 months ago

The answer to every clue is a word that is an anagram of another word, and that’s the word you use to fill in the grid!
Clue words and entry words can be ANYTHING (proper nouns, multi-word phrases, etc.) other than initialisms. So a clue might be "Game show host Sejak", the answer to which is PAT. An acceptable anagram for this might be TAP or APT, and you need to verify with the rest of the puzzle to know which is right, but it will not be PTA.
Would love some feedback on if this expanded word list is more/less fun! Thanks for solving :]
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  • Mike D 🤓2:09 · 7 months ago
    Fun as always! I definitely think the expanded word list adds to the trickiness
    • Sara Cantor constructor · 7 months ago
      Thank you!!!
    • Jake A 🤓2:44 · 7 months ago
      I enjoy these immensely. Thanks!
    • Ben Shindel 🤓2:27 · 7 months ago
      This is cool!
    • LuckyDog 🤓1:05 · 7 months ago
      Expanded word list is just as good as the original! Thank you for sharing these with us. Great puzzle!
    • Jeremy Weissmann 🤓1:39 · 7 months ago
      Is ALTON
      2D ALTONVulture feature
      just a proper name? I didn't mind TONGA
      8A TONGAIt takes two to do this
      appearing but random dudename was head-scratch-inducing. I think I wouldn't have minded if ALTON
      2D ALTONVulture feature
      was the answer to the clue that got anagrammed to TALON, if that makes sense. Anyway, enjoyable as always!
      • Sara Cantor constructor · 7 months ago
        Yes I understand! I wasn't sure if random names would be too arbitrary as fill words, but makes much more sense had it been clued as "TV Chef ___ Brown" and the fill was TALON. Very helpful advice, thank you.
      • Kent D 🤓4:57 · 7 months ago
        As usual, so much fun! 🦅 (Not a vulture but it's got talons)
        • Sara Cantor constructor · 7 months ago
          thank u!🐦
        • Matt A 🤓50s · 7 months ago
          Love these!! The expanded word list definitely works (especially since initialisms are still excluded)
          • Brendan W Sullivan 🤓42s · 7 months ago
            • Guilherme Gilioli 🤓2:10 · 7 months ago
              Very fun and challenging!
              • Justin 3:10 · 7 months ago
                I really love these.
                • Philip Chow 🤓1:36 · 6 months ago
                  This was so clever i love the twist... The clue on "gives a high five" for rates was my favorite - took me forever to figure that one out.
                  • Tarot And Rye 🤓1:17 · 6 months ago
                    Well now I'm following your puzzles because this was fun as heck!
                    • DRitters 🤓4:23 · 6 months ago
                      8 & 7 down...working my way backward!
                      1AIndonesian province part of the Coral Triangle
                      1. 1A
                        Indonesian province part of the Coral Triangle
                      2. 5A
                      3. 7A
                        Gives a high five, maybe?
                      4. 8A
                        It takes two to do this
                      5. 9A
                        Biblical garden
                      1. 1D
                        Places to soak
                      2. 2D
                        Vulture feature
                      3. 3D
                        Tap-dancing orphan of cinema
                      4. 4D
                        German beer that ferments in cold temperatures
                      5. 6D
                        One option in a tween party game