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To Thine Own Self Be Clue

· By Sommersmith · Published 2 months ago

I hope you enjoy today's puzzle. You can thank my wife Clairellyn for the brilliantly dumb title. :)
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  • Mike D 2:22 · 2 months ago
    I like the title 😂
    • Frisco17 1:33 · 2 months ago
      Great little puzz! I love how everything tied into other clues, though it took be a bit to get everything to come to mind. Very well done, and thanks to Clairellyn!
      • Sommersmith constructor · 2 months ago
        Thanks for solving! Glad you enjoyed it :)
      • Ryan McCluskey 2:12 · 2 months ago
        What are DAWs and VSTS
        6A VSTSDAWs come loaded with them
        • JeffPrug 1:34 · 2 months ago
          I didn't know either so I looked it up, seems like Digital Audio Workstation and Virtual Studio Technology
          • Sommersmith constructor · 2 months ago
            A digital audio workstation is a computer program for recording music. Virtual studio technologies are plugins - either samplers or synthesizers - for digitally emulating acoustic instruments. The most obscure clue in the puzzle, I know :) Thanks for solving!
        • Daniel P 🤓44s · 2 months ago
          That university elective in digital music is finally paying off.
          • Sommersmith constructor · 2 months ago
            Excellent! :D
          • stbrolaf 🤓36s · 2 months ago
            Thanks Clairellyn for the brilliantly dumb title.
            1APoetic units
            1. 1A
              Poetic units
            2. 5A
              One of several 1A
              Poetic units[----]
              ; this one goes short-long or weak-strong
            3. 6A
              DAWs come loaded with them
            4. 7A
              There are two of them in this answer
            1. 1D
              Number of 5A
              One of several 1A; this one goes short-long or weak-strong[----]
              's in a Shakespearean line
            2. 2D
              Homophone for 7A
              There are two of them in this answer[---]
            3. 3D
              They might save your life: Abbr.
            4. 4D
              "Conan" airer until 2021