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Thursday cryptic 3

· By Lego · Published 2023-12-06T19:50:40.141Z

Checking for previous play data...


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  • ads 🤓16:51 · 2023-12-07T00:48:31.785Z
    nice :)
    • Lego constructor · 2023-12-07T05:17:16.335Z
    • Hector 🤓21:52 · 2023-12-07T03:16:04.154Z
      • Lego constructor · 2023-12-07T05:19:30.650Z
      • dooiemus 🤓5:46 · 2023-12-07T14:03:48.998Z
        You must have had some fun coming up with 22D. In 28D, OBOES is not an anagram of OBESE!
        • Lego constructor · 2023-12-07T19:03:49.528Z
          Lol! Yes, I had a bit of a giggle constructing 22D. OMG, you're right about 28D!! I'll have to have a word with my editorial team!!
        • JWords 🤓17:38 · 2023-12-07T14:23:08.376Z
          Nice! Might want to double check 28D though, anagram doesn’t quite work, unless I’m missing something!
          • Lego constructor · 2023-12-07T19:04:58.262Z
            Totally!! Thanks for pointing that out.
          • merlinnimue 🤓11:32 · 2023-12-07T16:25:51.150Z
            • Almost got got by 1a cause the defs not at the end, but I got there
            • was not aware of the word tacked for 3d
            • is "for example" necessary in 4d? I was thinking [battered mode!] Might be cleaner if that works as an &lit, but what do I know
            • I was also confused by 28d... is there some kind of syllabic swapulation going on?
            • is there a def for 32d? Its not a metal, it's what you do to a metal... idk
            Sorry for the long laundry list, thanks for the puzzle
            • Lego constructor · 2023-12-07T19:52:26.105Z
              Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it. • I was aware that 1D is a bit weird in that it asks you to scramble the answer, not the fodder – do you think this is okay?? I'm undecided. • Yeah, tacking is a common manoeuvre when sailing – tacking is good, jibing is risky! • 28D is a mistake – I'm going to fix it. Thanks for pointing that out! • 32D lacks a proper definition, and I was aware of that. But I thought, well, retching on metal will probably etch it, so I left it as is and considered it 'composer's licence', like the definition overlaps a bit with the instruction. Maybe not a pure clue, but I think it works.
              Thanks again for the detailed feedback!
            • Oliver Hardy 24:58 · 2023-12-08T12:33:49.375Z
              Thanks for an entertaining puzzle.  I liked the surface reading for 27A, 16A, 16D, 14D, 30A, 32D, 37A, 24A.  Really liked 33D, 13A,  I didn't like 31D and particularly disliked 7D.  17A I see this as a clever attempt to have a hidden word indicator and its fodder in one word - nice try! "installed in" perhaps but I don't see "install" as a hidden word indicator.  26A the clue works for Algeria, but not ALGERIAN.  21A "first five" suggests F, not V.  20D I'm not sure that ACCEPTING is a valid synonym for "Forgiving". I don't see C as an abbreviation for "church".  1A The definition should be the first word(s) or the last word(s).  32A No definition. Perhaps you could have done something with “wretch”.  Please don't take my comments as criticism; I enjoyed solving your puzzle.
              • Lego constructor · 2023-12-11T13:32:18.628Z
                Hi Oliver, thanks for your constructive feedback as always. I agree 31D is marginal. Not sure what you dislike about 7D. "Tumult I ended" = 'multi" and "for many" = "multi". In 17A I was hoping for a repunctuation of "Install" as "In stall" with 'in' being the indicator word. Does that fly? 26A – Algerians are also in Northern Maghreb? 21A – "first" refers to the fact that you need the first letters of "Nouméa uses", i.e. NOUMÉAU (without 'first' there is no hidden word indicator) then "five" refers to V. 20D – they're listed as synonyms in the thesaurus I checked. "C of E" is a common abbreviation of "Church of England". 1A – yes, I wondered how this would go down. I've seen other composers' clues where the indicator seems to operate on the answer not the fodder, and I guess it's something that could be argued for. I.e., if scrambling DTAILED gets DILATED, then scrambling DILATED will get to DTAILED too. But I probably won't be making a habit of this. 32A – I guess you meant 32D. My thinking was that the definition overlapped the fodder since rethching on metal would etch it, but yeah, that one needs some work. Thanks again for the feedback. Hopefully my next crossword is more to your liking!
              Detailed egghead leaves pupil state in disarray. (7)
              1. 1A
                Detailed egghead leaves pupil state in disarray. (7)
              2. 5A
                Dancer, am I cool enough to carry pottery? (7)
              3. 9A
                Municipal back and forth. (5)
              4. 10A
                Muddled moral clue goes atomic. (9)
              5. 11A
                To encompass a Chinese approach. (3)
              6. 13A
                Donate? No no! Go steady. (4)
              7. 16A
                Sounds like I knew some Japanese locals. (4)
              8. 17A
                Install ionising stud. (8)
              9. 18A
                Hardens first so each thing should. (4)
              10. 19A
                Had artificial provisions to dodge. (4)
              11. 21A
                Recently Nouméa uses first five in place of a thousand. (7)
              12. 22A
                Door drop oddly summons extinct bird. (3)
              13. 24A
                First sub-cutaneuous anti-bacterial bruise. (4)
              14. 26A
                Grain ale mixed in northern Maghreb. (8)
              15. 27A
                Ok after morning frenzy. (4)
              16. 29A
                Rod's broken tips. (4)
              17. 32A
                South leaves east to dig in. (3)
              18. 34A
                Greenie igloo sect disbanded. (9)
              19. 35A
                Comic heart of man I met. (5)
              20. 36A
                Hang on – suspicious beginnings come to an end. (7)
              21. 37A
                Angel glow (first generation) provides light. (7)
              1. 1D
                Part of codec I'd established makes the difference. (7)
              2. 2D
                Nameless, ventilated, confused, lifted. (9)
              3. 3D
                They say it changed course with discretion. (4)
              4. 4D
                Battered mode for example. (5)
              5. 5D
                California loses Rio in a baby whale. (4)
              6. 6D
                Abundant in star I chose. (4)
              7. 7D
                Tumult I ended for many. (5)
              8. 8D
                Track circus stops short with it. (7)
              9. 12D
                Albeit in denial, thou ghost. (8)
              10. 14D
                Is Tesla very encumbered by indentured labour? (7)
              11. 15D
                Austronesian language after greeting a mountain range. (8)
              12. 16D
                Dan cycles as well. (3)
              13. 20D
                Forgiving of a packeting mishap whereby church replaced king. (9)
              14. 22D
                Ultimate mud-cake mega-chef, Pete 'Muffin' Moss, now busts drums. (7)
              15. 23D
                Cling-free cloaking tree. (3)
              16. 25D
                Bee went round about, then through. (7)
              17. 28D
                The semi-hobo went back to leave him for some instruments. (5)
              18. 30D
                To jab is ok in physical education. (4)
              19. 31D
                In touch, in demand, in arrears? (4)
              20. 32D
                No right to retch on metal. (4)
              21. 33D
                Never-ending Italy besotted with empennage. (4)