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Semi-Regular Minis: #1

By Tarot And Rye · Published 14 days ago

Constructor's Note: Hit up Haymarket Books after you solve this puzzle. Support smaller publishers!
If you enjoyed my puzzles, or not, please consider helping my fellow Houstonians who struggle for reasons beyond their control. Consider visiting and other mutual aid organizations in your area to see how you can best help as you can. (I am also trying to move into a more trans-friendly living situation so tips are greatly appreciated if you feel moved to.)
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  • Tarot And Rye constructor · 14 days ago
    and of course I find the typo in the clues.
    • Mike D 3:24 · 14 days ago
      I didn't see it! But you can edit any clues you want by clicking "More" > "Edit" 😊
      • Tarot And Rye constructor · 14 days ago
        They finally corrected about the time the site re-cached
    • Mike D 3:24 · 14 days ago
      Nice one! I had to reveal a couple but enjoyed working my way through it!
      1. 1A
        Owner of a key plot point in "Do The Right Thing"
      2. 4A
        Those who do this risk loss of Nintendo Switch time
      3. 6A
        "We Do This 'Til We Free Us" author ___ Kaba
      4. 8A
        Preview available for those waffling on an ebook purchase
      5. 9A
        Treat like the Biebs, over in Bath
      6. 10A
        "If you used these ___ and developed ovarian cancer, you may be entitled to financial compensation."
      7. 11A
        A single chip (if Et Tu, Etui is reading this, inhale pant - I like Sierpinksi)
      1. 1D
        Like many academic journals
      2. 2D
        2600 2600s (A lot of ___)
      3. 3D
        What you get when your gravy breaks
      4. 4D
        I'm going to help you out here with this bad fill. Just put ARCOLA. (Hi, Paul!)
      5. 5D
        ___ fell off a wall and Re-___ did jack squat to help him. What a monster.
      6. 6D
        One way to make a burger with cheese and carmelized onions (great, now I'm hungry)
      7. 7D
        Along a particular transformational line (Did you want math today? Too bad, you get math)