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· By Sommersmith · Published 2 months ago

Get comfy and enjoy today's puzzle!
(Yes, I know I reused an answer from a previous puzzle. There's only so many words in this language of ours, you know.)
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Mike D 🤓30s · 2 months ago
    I like the stacked BUNK
    7A BUNKWith 6A, double decker sleeping arrangements
    6A BEDSSee 7A
    • Sommersmith constructor · 2 months ago
    • Rob 7:05 · 2 months ago
      That is wasn't "blue" threw me for a loop.
      • Ajay 🤓51s · about 1 month ago
        Love moldy cheese!!
        • MFC 4:37 · about 1 month ago
          Bleu threw me off, but nice puzzle. Quick Q that’s slightly off topic: how can you tell the difficulty of puzzles?
          • Mike D 🤓30s · about 1 month ago
            If you mean the little symbol next to the constructor's name, it's computed automatically by Crosshare based on how previous solvers fared at the puzzle.
            • V1H 🤓1:09 · about 1 month ago
              Symbols follow skiing notation?
              • Mike D 🤓30s · about 1 month ago
                Yup! You can also click the symbol to get a numerical rating. That's kind of useless on it's own but useful to compare between puzzles. There's more to come in terms of documentation about how this all works, allowing you to see how your own solver rating progresses, etc.
              • MFC 4:37 · about 1 month ago
                Thanks a lot. I’m just starting out here and this is such a great site! I didn’t realize the symbols were clickable to find out more about the difficulty. Thanks!
            • jb338 🤓4:32 · about 1 month ago
              nice little puzzle 😊
              1A"I see ____ moon rising..." - Creedence Clearwater Revival
              1. 1A
                "I see ____ moon rising..." - Creedence Clearwater Revival
              2. 5A
                Budget grocer
              3. 6A
                See 7A
                With 6A, double decker sleeping arrangements[----]
              4. 7A
                With 6A
                See 7A[----]
                , double decker sleeping arrangements
              1. 1D
                Here's the clue / I give to you: / Please name, my dear, / This rhyme scheme here.
              2. 2D
                Moldy cheese
              3. 3D
                PEMDAS part: Abbr.
              4. 4D
                Data storage medium