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Cryptic 5x5 #2

· By tuber · Published 7 months ago

I can see what I'm aiming at with 5A, but it's clumsy stuff and I should have scrapped it. "Murder your darlings," as they say. Otherwise, hmm, I like 2D but I'm a sucker for the "repetitions that must be parsed differently" gag. To my mind this is mostly rather workmanlike but unobjectionable cluing; but that's also hard for me to judge accurately. Why not give it a shot, and let me know.
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  • Mike D 1:45 · 7 months ago
    Sometimes I think I'm getting better at these and then sometimes... 😂
    I did manage to get OMAHA
    3D OMAHABeach city in Nebraska? (5)
    at least!
    • quatrevingtneuf 🤓5:24 · 7 months ago
      didn’t quite understand 8A
      8A HOBSome sort of goblin philosopher? Not half! (3)
      but with crossings it was no biggie. pleasant 👍🏼
      • tuber constructor · 7 months ago
        Glad you enjoyed it! The philosopher I had in mind was Thomas HOBBES.
        • quatrevingtneuf 🤓5:24 · 7 months ago
          ah, of course. makes sense now!
      1APledge to follow suit? One has a point... (5)
      1. 1A
        Pledge to follow suit? One has a point... (5)
      2. 5A
        He's feline funny: potent hum? (pardon the pun) (3)
      3. 6A
        Sphere of unimagined majesty (5)
      4. 8A
        Some sort of goblin philosopher? Not half! (3)
      5. 9A
        Philosopher's student in touch with head office (5)
      1. 1D
        Piece of gut (5)
      2. 2D
        Calamity without end, without end... (3)
      3. 3D
        Beach city in Nebraska? (5)
      4. 4D
        Turn over soil and reek like a baby elephant (5)
      5. 7D
        Fifty books that could be up for auction (3)