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Mini Cryptic #13: “Knocked-up bride”

· By JWords · Published 2024-04-19T11:00:55.708Z

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  • JWords constructor · 2024-04-19T11:00:55.708Z
    1A: casanoVA LET-out
    4A: DOAIR*
    5A: SING[-l]E
    1D: V (BR[-id]E)< S
    2D: [b]L(AD)EN[d]
    3D: T[-rom]BONE
    • Jake A 6:54 · 2024-04-19T12:47:52.259Z
      Nice! I struggled with 3D after TROVE proved incorrect, but got it after the grid check. And I totally get it after your explainer. Thanks!
      • JWords constructor · 2024-04-19T13:42:06.636Z
        Thanks for solving! The definition on 3D is definitely a bit mean!
      • nate 🤓2:44 · 2024-04-19T20:44:58.331Z
        Nice one, thanks!
        • JWords constructor · 2024-04-19T21:23:07.837Z
          Thanks for solving!
        • Jeremy Kirkwood 7:44 · 2024-04-19T23:11:14.757Z
          "to have and to hold" - genius! Really good puzzle!
          • JWords constructor · 2024-04-20T06:30:28.087Z
            Thank you!! I’m really pleased with that clue. Thanks for solving!
          • Hydrologist Guy 🤓3:57 · 2024-04-19T23:32:07.440Z
            Had fun with it. Thanks!
            • JWords constructor · 2024-04-20T06:30:47.714Z
              Thank you!
            • NICK717 4:08 · 2024-04-22T02:09:17.121Z
              Fun puzzle. Thanks!
              • JWords constructor · 2024-04-22T06:07:53.883Z
                Thanks for solving!
              Casanova let-out clothing — one who has a lot to attend to? (5)
              1. 1A
                Casanova let-out clothing — one who has a lot to attend to? (5)
              2. 4A
                Do air broadcast picked up by this? (5)
              3. 5A
                One and only one student left to get char (5)
              1. 1D
                Against taking knocked-up bride, I’d left out “to have and to hold,” perhaps (5)
              2. 2D
                Filled blend internally, covering up spot (5)
              3. 3D
                Cut instrument, removing unchangeable storage (1-4)