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A cheeky mini

· By Sparkle Motion · Published about 2 months ago

I'm undecided about whether the seed entries here are so lame that they are cool, or just lame. Either way, now that it's done I won't be tempted to use them again.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Mike D 🤓1:01 · about 2 months ago
    This was fun!
    • Sparkle Motion constructor · about 2 months ago
      Thanks, I love the platform!
      • Mike D 🤓1:01 · about 2 months ago
        Glad to hear it! 😊
    • cheeky 🤓1:00 · 29 days ago
      hey that's me!
    • Lloyd 🤓49s · 29 days ago
      I was stuck with SEED for 4D
      4D SUETCold-weather bird food
      for the longest time, all the time knowing it was half-wrong (and knowing it wasn't one of your definitely-not-lame … SEED entries. bad dum tss 🥁
      • V1H 🤓2:41 · 29 days ago
        Longest time?!? You finished in 49 seconds!
        • Lloyd 🤓49s · 28 days ago
          Good point. It felt like the longest time, at least, which I guess is a testament to the quality of the puzzle.
        • Sparkle Motion constructor · 28 days ago
          I wish I could take credit for that clever misdirection. 😅
        • Jon 🤓50s · 28 days ago
          Nice. Thx.
          • Ajay 🤓54s · 28 days ago
            Not lame!!!
            1ABoy friend of Mike D and Ad-Rock
            1. 1A
              Boy friend of Mike D and Ad-Rock
            2. 4A
            3. 5A
              Some posers
            4. 6A
              Assignment for a reporter
            5. 7A
              CNN's home airport
            1. 1D
              Olympian hope
            2. 2D
              Web 1.0 era tech news site
            3. 3D
              Rev. source for 2D
              Web 1.0 era tech news site[----]
              and others
            4. 4D
              Cold-weather bird food
            5. 5D
              Naismith's pro. legacy