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Meta #1: Answer

By JeffPrugPublished about 1 month ago

Constructor's Note: This is not a standalone puzzle! Do my Meta #1 first then come back:
Check your meta answer to my Meta #1 here. IMPORTANT: to disguise the length of the answer, I (potentially) added extra spaces after the meta answer. You must put trailing Q's at the end. Ex: If you think the meta answer is DOG , enter DOGQQQQQQQQQ . Or if you think the answer is STEALTHILY, enter STEALTHILYQQ .
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  • Mike D 馃10s聽路聽about 1 month ago
    Nice! I like how you managed to create this meta submission mechanism - very clever!
    I am about halfway through adding better support for metas to Crosshare itself - soon you'll be able to specify a meta sol'n and get submissions directly on a single puzzle 馃槉
    • JeffPrug constructor聽路聽about 1 month ago
      Awesome, looking forward to that!
    • JeffPrug constructor聽路聽about 1 month ago
      Explanation of meta answer: the Rebus squares WHY EQUALS EM EX PLUS BEE sound out the equation y = mx + b which represents a linear function. Linear functions have graphs that are straight lines, which is also hinted at in the title "Give It To Me Straight"
      • Pandora's Blocks Weekly Meta Crossword 馃4s聽路聽about 1 month ago
        Such a clever way to let people check their answer! And a fun meta too!!
        • C64 馃8s聽路聽28 days ago
          I saw the trick pretty quickly because Zoom's auto-transcription makes some of these exact errors during my day job. :)
          • Philip Chow 24s聽路聽28 days ago
            I tried LINE first... then i tried STRAIGHTLINE... then i gave up whoops 馃槄... very clever trick for checking a meta!
            1. 1A
              Enter your answer to Meta #1: Give It To Me Straight here. Put Q's at the end of your answer for any blank spaces