7x7 #3

· By synced murals · Published 2023-09-28T16:01:24.105Z

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  • Lego 1:09 · 2023-09-28T18:38:30.976Z
    actually i get 1 down1DRodent's bug (6)[------] now, but why the "'s"?
    • Lego 1:09 · 2023-09-28T18:37:27.767Z
      all the across clues i liked, i don't understand the down clues – can you explain them?
      • Pedagogue 🤓10:14 · 2023-09-28T20:08:01.079Z
        Here's my tenpenn'orth: 3D3DZip from State further back (5)[-----] ZIP is the definition; SC is the state; (I searched Google for state abbreviations beginning with S); TOO is a synonym of "further" and it is reversed.
        • synced murals constructor · 2023-09-28T20:58:10.327Z
          @pedagogue is correct with parsing 3D3DZip from State further back (5)[-----].
          There's an 'S' in 1D1DRodent's bug (6)[------] because it's a contracted 'is', meaning rodent is bug - i.e. they share a definition.
          The definition of the last down clue is 'cream pastry'. One= I, learner=L, bewildered=anag., with a synonym for rush=RACE.
          Hope that makes sense, and thank you for taking the time to solve and ask questions! It's helpful to me as a fledgling constructor!
        • Pedagogue 10:53 · 2023-09-28T19:57:31.526Z
          A very entertaining cryptic. IG = Social media - sorry, don't understand. BADGER1DRodent's bug (6)[------] got me - it's not a rodent! RETAIL6AAbout end of market (6)[------] - I liked that one!
          • synced murals constructor · 2023-09-28T20:50:05.427Z
            IG is internet slang for "Instagram", which is social media (I think this is valid, but it might be worth checking what others think).
            • synced murals constructor · 2023-09-28T20:47:49.933Z
              Thanks again for the feedback. Noted about the badger, won't make that mistake again!
            • Iris 3:24 · 2023-09-29T06:35:02.887Z
              This was nice! Keep them coming :) The only one that confused me was 4D4DOne learner bewildered in rush for cream pastry (6) [------] because I didn't see a reversal indicator for RACE i.e. rush back/ run behind but perhaps it's not needed - I still got the answer!
              • synced murals constructor · 2023-09-29T08:29:18.166Z
                I did wonder about that, but thought it would be covered by the anagram instruction, which happens to arrange the letters backwards. Thanks for the feedback :)
              • Pedagogue 🤓10:14 · 2023-09-29T15:05:20.342Z
                About 4D4DOne learner bewildered in rush for cream pastry (6) [------] I have read your parsing and also the reply by Iris. I agree that there should be a reversal indicator; conventionally, an anagram must be of the letters RACE, not a synonym. This is not intended as criticism, merely advice.
                Rodent's bug (6)
                1. 2A
                  Girl's sale is disrupted (6)
                2. 5A
                  Social media belonging to the aristocracy is dastardly (7)
                3. 6A
                  About end of market (6)
                1. 1D
                  Rodent's bug (6)
                2. 3D
                  Zip from State further back (5)
                3. 4D
                  One learner bewildered in rush for cream pastry (6)