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Sam's Sunday Cryptic XL

· By sammisamsam · Published 2023-10-29T04:48:32.692Z

Constructor's Note
Always happy for feedback/criticism!
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  • merlinnimue 🤓21:26 · 2023-10-29T21:43:11.778Z
    im forever jealous of you geniuses and your SCHUYLKILL in making puzzles, i wish i could understand it one day
    • 5a: "shuffle" suggests anagram to me, but there doesn't appear to be one... i guess trivial anagrams are anagrams too
    • 2d: where does the a come from? i have the parse as immute around b.l.
    • sammisamsam constructor · 2023-10-30T03:54:29.705Z
      I'm glad you liked it! right on both accounts, I took out the "shuffle" and added back the "an" to the 2d clue that I accidentally dropped somewhere in rewriting the clue. Thanks for catching those!
      • sammisamsam constructor · 2023-10-30T03:58:30.073Z
        Ok never mind in my other comment about the 'an,' but 2d is fixed for real now!
      • Pedagogue 30:31 · 2023-10-30T08:27:12.668Z
        Thanks for a very entertaining, if somewhat enfuriating, cryptic. I had to "cheat" on some of the clues. 20A Nasty! Seeing Y as the result of "young" I couldn't understand where the initial C came from; of course, I should have remembered the obscure baseball player, that sport being so very popular in the UK! 5A "Pill bug" is not a common name in the UK. 13A "Reagan" - definition by example? 6D had me mystified! I assume "ability" is SKILL but then I'm lost. 9D I assume "Pair of" means the first two letters of "jingoist" but I have never seen this indicator before. 23A In the UK, I've never heard of the Caldecott medal! CALDE must be a very obscure way of saying "hot" in Spanish. 24D Here we go again! US spelling foxes UK solver! 29A This one had me tearing my hair out (and there's not much left to tear at)! More US spelling and "Lorne Michaels" - who he? 27D I thought I'd solved the blighter then that US Z appeared! In the UK you are more likely to see S.
        • sammisamsam constructor · 2023-10-31T02:53:52.917Z
          For 6D, it's a spoonerism of "cool skill," leading to Schuylkill (a very American river, apologies). For 9D, I've seen "pair of" to indicate the first two letters of something fairly commonly, tho maybe it's just a difference in which cryptics we're doing. "calde" is apparently not as commonly translated as 'hot' in Spanish as I initially believed, sorry about that! Lorne Michaels is a very famous TV producer over here, he founded and still runs Saturday Night Live and has been a background presence in American pop-culture for almost 50 years at this point
          • Pedagogue 30:31 · 2023-10-31T07:14:28.345Z
            Thanks for your reply; I suppose we must continue to be two nations separated by a common language. TTFN
        Pollution from tarmac I drained (4, 4)
        1. 1A
          Pollution from tarmac I drained (4, 4)
        2. 5A
          iPod engulfs significant other of a pill bug, maybe (6)
        3. 10A
          Computer goes back over an overpass to a university (9)
        4. 11A
          Those pushing for war with birds? (5)
        5. 12A
          God in a rapper? (4)
        6. 13A
          Reagan depicted a detective (5, 4)
        7. 15A
          He, for example, sang wildly about a river and the French (5, 3)
        8. 16A
          They go on ice rays (6)
        9. 19A
          Extremely poor enlightenment theory is beautiful (6)
        10. 20A
          Young twins' whirlwinds (8)
        11. 23A
          Hot Spanish bed at first tarnished a medal (9)
        12. 25A
          Order from this emperor left units out, secondly (4)
        13. 27A
          Help, for example, a pound of hesitation (5)
        14. 28A
          Hearing doesn't start sparkling (9)
        15. 29A
          Leftist leader Michaels flips sign up (6)
        16. 30A
          Raise trust really evenly and with intelligence (8)
        1. 1D
          Fabricated caution at the sale (7)
        2. 2D
          "I'm not talking about early American baseball legends, and there's nothing you can do to change it!" (9)
        3. 3D
          Uncommon way to cook a steak (4)
        4. 4D
          Not facing the truth about getting wet in Egypt, I hear? (2, 6)
        5. 6D
          The Reverend's neat ability creates a river (10)
        6. 7D
          Paddler takes penny for right law (5)
        7. 8D
          Ragged sod wins discards (7)
        8. 9D
          Pair of jingoists leave an Asian capital's core (5)
        9. 14D
          Some energy is from an electric company, other from Master Albert (10)
        10. 17D
          Soften the sound of gentle gazes (9)
        11. 18D
          Etsy sources components for vision exams (3, 5)
        12. 19D
          Box collection (7)
        13. 21D
          Lovable glyph with no acidity follows rising guns (7)
        14. 22D
          Spots bubbles (5)
        15. 24D
          Workshop or work (5)
        16. 26D
          Boyfriend makes a loop on the radio (4)