Will P


I construct and release a meta crossword every week, which I (very creatively) named Will's Weekly Meta Crossword (or WWMC). You can get in on my (completely free) puzzles by just shooting me an email at My number one goal with WWMC is to provide a place where new solvers can learn the ins and outs of solving metas. I do this mainly by providing hints and super thorough answer explanations that detail not only what the right answer was, but how I expected solvers to think through the puzzle and arrive at the answer. Additionally but less frequently, I also want to provide another (albeit much, much smaller) outlet for new meta constructors to reach an audience. So, hoping to have some guest constructors start popping in before too long!
Some of my puzzles are tough - which might seem counter-intuitive since I'm targeting inexperienced solvers. But I mix them in with easier puzzles, plus I think the best way to get better at solving difficult metas is by doing it with a couple hints and nudges in the right direction along the way. So, never hesitate to email me and ask for a hint Happy solving! And thanks so much for playing along.

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